Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!
I didn't get around to Christmas cards this year...i didn't get around to alot of things this holiday season with being sick and all with child brewing in my tum. But i do promise to update ya'll when we get our new address, maybe even send out a new years card...who knows!! Until then, have a great holiday and we will catch up when we are in our new residence which i am actually really excited about! we found a super cute neighborhood in Summerlin we love so we hope all goes well!
Ta ta for now. See you in Vegas baby.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

a few things...

Here is a quick update for ya'll on whats been goin on...
1. Tyson played in a mesquite softball tournament so i slept over with mom and gained 20 lbs after making coconut, peppermint and orange cream homemade ice cream all weekend.
2. Dad accepted a job in New Mexico laying fiber-optic cable (boy do i sound smart) for a little while...so we get to hear about lots of cool tarantula and scorpion stories, along with stories about the towns he . Wow is all i can say.
3. The boys have been become obsessed with "3 ninjas" and wrestle ALL DAY LONG.
4. Tysons grandpa Gilbert passed away quickly and so the Mackays took a trip to Washington for the funeral and braved the "Blizzard of 2010". I know i know...they survived no worries. So....while he was gone, i kept the boys home to avoid annoying everyone to death in a 12 hr car ride and we chilled with Haley and her kiddos. Those babies are too cute right now. Owen is overly motherly to them. Its cute.
5. We saw "tangled" Thanksgiving weekend, had a wonderful dinner with Gma Patty's side, saw the festival of lights already, and got all my Christmas shopping done....
Yes folks, baby #3 is causing me grief already but will all be worth it right? June will be a good month in Vegas to have a baby right? Speaking of Vegas, we go soon to house hunt as we will be moving in January.
So forgive me if i have been missing lately...once i am over this yucky part of pregnancy...and moving, ill be much better.
Happy Holidays all!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

since im too tired and lazy to make up my own posts, i still them from sisters blog

My parents bought a home down in gorgeous Southern Utah earlier this year and have decided to rent it out to anyone who is clean and fun and loves St George. :) My dad has recently taken a temporary job out of state and so they won't be able to spend as much time down here as they'd like.. The home is located in Desert Hills, St George, UT. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and is brand spankin new. There is a community pool as well as a fun park and splash pad within walking distance. They are charging $75 per night
Soooooo, for all 2 of you who look at my blog, contact me if you're interested...or know anyone interested or have any questions! lindslee@hotmail.com.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So im a terrible mom and didn't get any pics of my kiddos on halloween (mostly because my camera is MIA) so i stole these pics off of Kylee's blog. Thanks Ky!
Here I am making up a little witches brew for the kids.
They were captivated but too scared to drink it because me story was pure A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
Owen decided on a football player after debating between a robot and a superhero. Good choice...since i already had the seahawks getup from christmas last year!
Reg was a super awesome super hero. He really got into character.
And here are all the Mackay cousin + Courtney.
Trick or treating was pretty eventful this year seeing that we got stuck in the hale storm and had to get a ride home from a perfect stranger. The boys were bauling because "rocks" were hitting them.
Well..we were determined to get back out there so we jumped in the car and trick or treated old school. They would jump out in the rain, run to the door, collect their goodies and jump back in. I had the easy job...driving.
Overall, it was a success and the boys eat their candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I figure the faster it is gone, the faster i can stop worrying about it laying around.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Dweam come twue"

For 1 year we have saved up our money jar to visit Disneyland. We finally talked some friends in going with us (well...told them they were coming) and we went for Owen's 5th birthday. Bridger is Owens buddy and born on the same day! We spent 2 days in the magical kingdom and the boys were in heaven!
All the boys. ive never seen so much wrestling and teasing....in a nice way. They are good buds.
Owen and Reg got to pick out a toy with their change they saved. Buzz guns and huge suckers were the choice.

Classic right? Who doesn't have a picture with Mickey? He was gettin fresh with the girls, in fact he gave Jenn a kiss and pretty sure he grazed my bum. But its mickey, he can get away with anything. The birthday boys! 5 is treating them very good so far!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My kind of pet...

Im not going to lie...one of my favorite parts of summer is raising our little pet and setting it free.
It starts mid august when we go search for milk weed leaves that have little teeny tiny caterpillar eggs on the back of them.
Its like finding gold in a bunch of weeds.
Then we bring it home, keep it wet and soon it hatches into a little caterpillar who then eats the milk weeds.
Unfortunately i didn't get a picture of mr fuzzy pants ( the catepillar that owen named). But soon after a few weeks, he gets bigger and bigger and then spins a cocoon.
Then that cocoon hatches after a week or so and out comes a beautiful butterfly.
Here we are just minutes before setting our pet free. (don't mind Owens awesome 3 sizes too small t-rex costume).
And here's our baby free on its own out in the wild. tear.
We all said what we loved about him before we set him free.
The boys loved it.
I loved it.
now i can check off that we have had a pet.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

happy birthday

to me...
As part of my birthday this year, Tyson and I were able to escape with some good buddies and go to Lake Powell for a few days...kid-less!
Lake Powell is like a little piece of Heaven for me.
I love that place and hope to go back next year...kid-less.
We swam when we got hot.
We wakeboarded and ski'd when we wanted.
We stayed up late and played games on the rocks.
We slept ALL night in a tent and woke up when we felt like it.
We hiked to Rainbow Bridge leaisurly.
And then came home to happy, well taken care of kiddos,
a birthday dinner and then cake and ice cream with my family.

It was the perfect birthday and it feels good to be 27!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Truth is..we have played hard this summer and i don't want it to end. We have made so many fun memories and im so happy the boys are so willing to experience such super awesome things. So here is one of our EPIC activities that we embarked on last month. We drove up to McCall, Idaho for the Mackay Family reunion. It happens every other year and i look forward to it each time it comes close. The Mackay family is truly amazing...tons of cousins who i truly love and grandparents and aunts and uncles who sacrifice 4 days to be together and spend time bonding and being together! It is a perfect place to go. Playing in the sand, boating, swimming, and roasting mallows....it was the best. ESPN called.... but i have other responsibilties. :) Cruisin with dad on the wave "wunnos" Beautiful sunsets with a cute boy sand castles till the sun goes down.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

these guys

Even though i have a sister who is a prof. photographer, i have neglected getting these guys's pictures taken for some time. I want to remember this time while they are young, adventurous, annoying (at times), innocent (at times) and love each other (lets hope it stays that way)...so sister took some pics for me and they made me sad because they look so old! I got a flash of the future while looking at these as Owen as a teenager. Good thing i don't remember what he is going to be like, but i think it looks bright....as long as they both stay mama's boys.
Thanks sister.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer.....so far

Our summer so far has been one fun event after the next. Im tellin ya, im one of those people who don't want my kids to miss out on anything and experience everything, even if that entails waking them up at 6:15am to run in the freedom run with me and see outrageous parade floats. Yep, im proud of it and i know they secretly love it even if they whine sometimes. I mean, they are only kids once and i want them to remember their childhood as awesome and adventurous, even if it is exhausting as parents.
Here is what we have done so far...Reggie pet a huge snake at the freedom festival repital show. He was all over the reptiles, while Owen was alittle timid.
The night before we moved out of our house we got sparklers and pop-its, had a late night and slept in a tent in our yard. Well...Owen and Tyson did. Reg and I had a sleepover in the family room.
I took the boys to St George while Tyson was a young mens trip for the week and im pretty sure Owen never got dressed. We swam, played on the tramp, played at the park, swam more and ate Popsicles for 5 days!
Why doesn't Provo have splash pads? They are the best! Look at the joy on their faces?! I need to show this to the provo city council members.
We took a trip to Seattle for a wedding and golf tournament with the Mackay family. It was a blast, even though it was a little cold and rainy, still very beautiful and very fun memories! We ate real seafood for the first time and Owen loved the crab!
We attempted to hike snoqualame falls but it was pouring rain so we took a gander at it and called it good.
We went to the ballard locks and saw lots of cool ships and watched the water get big and small. it was pretty awesome.
We visited the Seattle center and saw the cool fountain and got a licorice rope. Remember those? Classic! I loved them back in the day. Reggie loved chasing the birds.
We also went to the puget sound and found crabs underneath rocks. The boys were in heaven!
Owen posed in most every picture.
Best day ever...i went to a little basketball reunion lunch with the girls i played basketball with in my high school days plus my coach Liz. I love them so much and we laughed till our stomachs hurt. Who knew i was such a shorty compared to all these gals. Tall beauties!

.We had our annual neighborhood summer bash with a pinata. The reason i love this picture is because of our awesome neighbor who is deathly afraid of Owens swing.
Stay tuned...summer has just begun!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Would you believe

(whats a post without a picture right? taken by Lindsey Cord. love it.)

Would you believe...That in the past few weeks i seriously haven't had ONE second to even download pics onto this old blog. Seriously, let me tell ya that lately things have been C.R.A.Z.Y. we have...
  • Gone to Seattle and touched crabs... and then ate crabs using a wooden hammer..the boys wished every meal involved hitting things with a hammer.
  • Tyson has gone to Vegas for work, Youth Conference AND then Zions with the youth.
  • Lindsey officially became a real mom and conquered a little road trip with the boys to St George to visit sister for a week.
  • Moved out of our 1st home and into the Mackay's basement for the rest of the year.
  • Worked like crazy to create health plans (thank you all!) for individuals and LOVED it. Still love it if u find yourself interested.
  • Taken boys to the park and/or pool almost daily.
  • Ran in the Wasatch Back (Logan to Park City) race and conquered the dreaded "RAGNAR" climb up Wasatch state park mountain.
  • And the list goes on...pictures to come so stay tuned and prepare yourself for a sweet post full of pics coming soon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sigghhhhh....Someday..... my kitchen will look like this. Right now it is full of boxes, crumbs on the floor and empty holes in the wall from previous owners remodeling disasters.
Yep, we are moving.
Im sad, excited, nervous and confused.
My kids have great buddies here, I have great buddies here and I sincerely LOVE my neighbors.
A wonderful family will be moving in, in about 2 weeks.
We will be moving in with my awesome in-laws for 6 months (and when i say awesome. i mean it. You should be all be jealous ;)) until we take on our new adventure in Las Vegas.
I still cannot muster up the courage to say "I live in Nevada". It doesn't fit.
Hopefully we will find friends and fun there too however.
I can say i am overly joyed to be heading towards the sun.
Yesterday on a June afternoon when i had a sweatshirt and pants on i knew i was ready to move somewhere sweltering.
I LOVE the sun.
Even if it shows on my face and shoulders, i don't care. It gives people character i think.
So for now, i will spend my time eating popsicles on our porch
jumping on our trampoline
and spending lots of time with friends...
Until i remember that i have a house to pack up and move.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

here goes nothin'

So i got a few requests for health plans and decided to dive in and actually use my degree and go to work!
I love writing up personalized plans on nutrition, exercise and overall health.
Here how it works-
If you are interested, we meet and talk about goals, needs and health concerns...
It can be anything from nutrition to exercise to stress management to emotional health.
Then i use that knowledge to create a personalized health plan for you to follow to meet your needs and hopefully help you accomplish all your health wishes!
The initial meeting= $25.00.
I can come to you, or we can communicate over email. what ever works for you folks.
The actual health plan all spiffy-d up in a nice bound folder= $50.00.
It is alot of work but worth it.
I love finding out new things and going through all my old health notes to make it individual and helpful.
I'm really not a business woman or really tend to be but i would love to do this plan for anyone.

Thanks and happy healthy wishes!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

whats been goin on

I realize i don't post often, and that is because we really don't do much around here worth bloggin about. Although, i feel its fun and exciting, the blog front might yawn at our daily events. Here is the latest-
Owen has been playing alot with friends. I guess he has entered that stage where if he doesn't have a friend over everyday, his life is "SO BOWING" (boring). Him and his little buddy Isaac are good buds and had a great time showing me tricks on the trampoline. We had some neighbor boys break the tramp a few weeks ago but thank heavens for awesome "fix it" neighbors who repaired it so we don't go crazy this summer.
Reg man did a little gym class and loved it. His teacher was impressed with his "athletic skills".
We have been doing alot of yoga around here, even Tyson! I know, right!? Owen likes to get in on the action every once and awhile. Please don't mind the blanket covering the window, our blinds fell down and even though we have mad yoga skills we don't like the world to see them :)
In more news, we rented our house starting next month. It is was kind of a surprise and a quick thing! we will be moving to vegas the beginning of next year after Tyson graduates for work so in the meantime going to rent our home (since selling is down the toilet in this economy) and moving in with family to save some money until then. Its very bittersweet for me and in fact even talking about it, i start to get a knot it my throat. I love this house, neighborhood, friends and ward here. Its a perfect place to raise a family. See...im about to cry, ill leave it at that.
PS- im working on starting up a little health plan business. I guess i wouldn't call it a business but i would like to start making health plans for folks...let me know if you would be interested in somethin like that jump start the swimsuit season!