Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here you go Sister.

We had a little photo shoot today in an orchard to celebrate the sunshine and warmth again. i think they are adorable..

Im sure my talented and most amazing sister knew i would posting these pics ASAP...but seriously, can you blame me? look at them...she always does superb!

Monday, May 26, 2008

girls weekend..overdue

So remember that one time i went to the outlets with my wonderful in-laws...
well here is some record of the fun we had!

I don't think i have shopped like that since...well, never. It was like Christmas. we shopped, ate, shopped, ate and by the way DEVOURED a chocolate cake dessert. Then we had show and tell when we arrived home.

I have to put a plug in for my in-laws. They are truly the best. I have SO much fun with them and i have never met more selfless people on earth. Bart (tysons dad) gave us gals each 100.00 to spend...just to be nice. I feel So lucky to have them and probably annoy them all for how much i come over to play with them. Now i have made myself want to do a special on "my peeps- the inlaws". So watch for that. Should be good!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

hello again...

Thanks for my cute, Long time friend Lindsey Cozzens (now Dumas)...who by the way is not only beautiful, but has 2 darling kids, is a super hard core workout chick and still as funny as ever...i have been re-introduced to"the Cherry". I used to eat things sweet little balls of fruit when i was little, but man have i missed them. Linds brought some over yesterday for us to snack on (since we are both trying to eat healthy) while our kiddos played and we re-united after way too long.

Cherries are not only a good way to wake up your taste buds, they are great antioxidants and an anti-inflammatory. They can reduce the risk of HeArT dIseAse and tYpe 2 dIaBetEs. Another perk is they help you "go" if you know what i mean.

Thanks Linds, for the natural laxative but mostly for our play date!

Ps. Just a reminder...Modbe party tonight at 6-8pm. Ive been doing extra sit-ups this morning to prepare.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


No no no, this is not me...although i wish...isn't she darling in her swimsuit?!
So ive never been a big party person (at least one where you go and feel obligated to buy something), but in this case, i really like these swimsuits and figure its a good excuse to get together... so i am throwing a modbe swim suit party. Come try some on, and even if you don't want one....you can still come hang out and watch the season premiere of "SO you Think YOU can Dance" with me. Thrusday Night- May 22nd.
Mackays house (email me for the address if you are interested.lindslee@hotmail.com).
Goodies will be served.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a new table and a naked kid

For the past 3 years of marriage we have eaten many a places...
couch, floor, rug....you name it, we ate off of it. We have moved up in the world and now can enjoy endless amounts of cereal together on our new table. we enjoy it already.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


ALthough my days are filled with tantrums, accidents, messes and naughty chairs....

They are also filled with hugs, cuddles, laughs and silliness.

I love being a mommy

Monday, May 12, 2008

Up to..

A few things happened this weekend i would like to touch on...pics to come later.

-After chewing on his hands for days, i realized my little Reg is getting 2 snaggle teeth. Meaning; he will look like a vampire. Poor fella....and poor mama if you know what i mean.
- we had a successful girls weekend to Park City. I have THE BEST in-laws on earth. We had sassy-girl conversation (sorry Erica) and spent all our money at the outlets.
- Owen peed and pooped his pants within 2 days.
- After being off Sugar, i endulged this weekend and consumed more sugar than anyone should consume in their lifetime. Today is a new start!
- Me and Papa Dave got rejected from the St George marathon this year...which means, i can actually sleep in this summer instead of getting up at 5am to run 18 miles. We are sad but figure we have the WASATCH BACK to look forward to next month!
-Mothers day was a hit. Breakfast in bed...or in couch (owen has been coughing up a lung so i can't sleep near him), family weenie roast and lots of thoughtful hugs and gifts from family. Thanks Sister, Kass and Mom for being the best!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The day has come

I went to target tonight ALONE (well, by alone i mean, me and Reg)...and didn't buy ONE thing. What?
What is wrong with me.
Before our little outing i even debated going to take extra money out of the bank,
thought about how i would hide all the sacks from Tyson when i come in the door,
and even mourned because i would miss American Idol because ide be gone for
The only thing i came home with was an empty popcorn sack and a sleeping baby.
Maybe that means i can spend extra on my girls trip this week to the park city outlets.
Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Today we are so grateful for cousins...especially because they live so close and are the best of friends.
Today Owen spent the day with cute little Shelby.
They went swimming, ate cheetos and Shelby amazed us all with her new moves she learned at swim lessons.
Thank you Kass for the most wonderful time!!
Tomorrow will be spent jumping on the trampoline with Cole, Will and Millie.
I will be watching carefully and judging the "who can jump the highest contest" while sister gets some editing done.
We love cousins.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Healthy Tips

Another health post has come to my mind after splurging this weekend on cheescake, sugar cookies and coconut cupcakes (thank you Cjane).

Normally i follow these rules and i tend to get right back on the wagon...starting tomorrow.

1- actually measure out the right serving size of cereal and eat just that for breakfast. (its usually 1/2 cup). You will me amazed how about 6 frosted mini wheats is all you should eat. i could eat 6 bowls of cereal! serving sizes are for a reason, so try and follow them.

2- Instead of eating treats/sugar after every meal (like i used to do), eat sugar free jello with a spoonfull of fat free whipped cream on top...or just pop in a piece of sugar free gum. If you are chewing gum all day or sipping on water, you burn more calories keeping your mouth busy.

3- this one is huge....SKIP buying the junk at the store. If you don't buy it, you won't eat it.

4- Throw spinach or healthy foods into things. Spinach in fruit smoothies, shredded carrots and oatmeal in hamburgers and Zuchinni noodles. Actually taste pretty yummy.

5- always have healthy snacks on hand. Cut up carrots in the fridge, almonds in a jar, fruit salad in some tupperware, and always have the pitcher filled with water.

Hope these tips help you start your week off right!

and just a snapshot of the reg-ster and me for the road.