Thursday, February 25, 2010

Whats goin on-
School is kickin my butt...and pretty much takes up any extra time i have. Only about 6 weeks left and time is flyin!
Other than school, i try to spend every minute i have with the boys and focusing on them. Latley, i feel bad for neglecting them cause im always doing homework! So... yesterday we spent the day at the bean museum, getting ice creams cones, watching dragon movies and wrestling.
Reg man is officially a stud and is now potty trained! He was much easier than Owen and much like a puppy, will go potty anytime for a treat! Love that i won't have to do swim diapers this summer! yipee.
We are not officially recylcling. Finally right? It tooks us awhile. But Owen thinks its super awesome and loves throwing things away after our "recycling lesson". Jaime, CJ would be so proud!
Planning on doing a few races this Spring, maybe a relay race and a few half marathons. Gotta keep movin. Plus, i recently became a huge fan of Yoga.
Tyson is extremely busy with young mens and basketball and school and work and so forth. What a man!
Things are great and busy and we just keep on truggin through the cold weather. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010


I know it may be clique to have a "thankful" blog post- but im feelin' it today...

I am grateful for-

Sunshine-y days like today which makes me appreciate winter in Utah when i am ready to pack my bags and move south.


Healthy Parents and Healthy In-laws
who are able to help me raise my kids :)

The foundation Tys and I have in the gospel
so that we are able to teach our boys who they are and where they came from.

Have you ever thought about it? Life would be so hard without legs.

Owens prayers
- "please bless everyone on the whole earth."

Clorox Wipes when potty training a 2 year old.