Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week O Events

We've been doing this alot (above picture). Even if its for 1 hour, we usually try to find a pool to go to to beat the heat of the afternoon. Reg loves his little tubey thingy and Owen floats freely with his water i only have 80% of anxiety.
These fellas played in the "firecracker softball tournament". Although the outcome was un-successful, it was fun to watch...wait, i didn't watch because i had my eye on...

This kid, as he found a sewer hole and was throwing everything he found in sight down it. He thinks he is so tough. Even after spinning too hard on the tire swing tonight at the park and throwing up his dinner and probably last nights dinner too, he still found the energy to laugh.

Saturday we participated in the childrens parade. Owen and I were pumped to decorate his wagon in hopes of walking home with a trophy....until i saw our competition.... An airplane wagon constructed out of spray painted garbage cans and also a wagon train with battery powered stuffed bears waving american flags. We had no chance. But O daddy sure looked cute waving to the crowd of parade watchers!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

once there was a kid

named Tyson...who was actually 25 years old.
Heres the story-
On a hot summer afternoon, i get a knock on my door. It was my cute neighbor Tiffany. She informs me that her son Garison rounded up some buddies and was awaiting Tyson's arrival home from work so he could play baseball with them. It was 3:00. I called to let tyson know...he was home by 3:10. After a quick, "hi honey, im home but im going to the park to play baseball" he was out the door, on the phone trying to round up more players. Cute little Jenna informed me she was the only girl so i quickly strapped Reg in the stroller and supported the team. ( and Jenna).After a few games of baseball, and a few swigs of water, they were onto the next activity...capture the flag. Tyson was spent after a few hours of playing. I felt like saying, "be home before dinner."
The team

Monday, June 23, 2008


Tired, Weak, Nauseous and what i am...still after finish our 24+ hour relay race this past weekend.
We did superb finishing 88th place out of 545 teams!! we took 22nd out of 210 in our division!
Go thunderdogs.
Pics to post later when i feel the energy to do so.
Also, after we win best video i will post that. Good times.
Nighty Night.
Wait....i have 2 kids.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

watch out

i stole this post from sisters blog. (is post stealing in blog world legal?)

So in less than 48 hours, the team below will be dominating the Wasatch Back race.. (Stephanie is missing from the photo) - we can't wait.. our team is awesome and it's been so much fun getting ready and running midnight moonlit mountainside training runs w/ our team captain Joel at the head. So for the next day or so, I'll be lounging, stretching, drinking (water), and pumping. Fun for all. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Events

My fam and I finished the annual 10 miler trailrun saturday. Everyone was SUPER speedy and pretty sure all finished top 3 in their age divisions! Go fam-dam-ly. Im so proud! Here is mother....she was upset we didn't get a group here is proof she really DID run and RUN she did. She was fast!!!

The best part about doing these races is seeing the kiddos and hubby at the finish. Throughout all my running career (can i call it a career?), Tyson has NEVER missed me finish a race! Talk about support. This time i had Owen cheering me on with a "go Indsey". apparently he is embarrased to call me mom at these types of events. Also Reg supported his "speedy"shirt, and droiled it up just for me. Thanks guys!

Water fights happened this weekend. Have you ever seen more joy in kids faces? Sprinkler+trampoline= fun time (and a sprained ankle...but we were lucky enough to avoid that)

We dragged the kids to the target parking lot to watch the fireworks. Don't worry, i had been up since 5am and Owen was nap-less. can you tell? Let the summer begin!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In my Garden

This is for you cousin Jamie....
Presenting to you....MY GARDEN.

From left to right- Carrots, Beets, Peas, green beans, Tomatoes and 1 cucumber plant.
Looks like i am going to be having many O salads this summer. yumm-O

Saturday, June 7, 2008

what's up with us...

I realize i DO slack on the daily stuff...and keeping you posted on what goes on at our house (even though you probably don't really care...but it is nice to know you are out there checkin' in.)
So here is what we have been doing-Trying hard to motivate this little dude to roll over and get his own toys...hasnt worked yet.
babysitting these rugrats. Although i didn't realize how hard it was to watch 4 kids under the age of 3, one nursing baby and a 6 year old....therefore, sister has hired extra help. Love these guys.

Memorial day happened and we got to see my Aunt Cindy's grave. She died 4 years ago of breast cancer. We miss her and Owen is still confused as to where her body is? He thought we were going to see her body, not a headstone. um......? help me explain?

Meggers came to town with her new baby Shay. Cutest thing ever. She smiles like the dickens and is the tiniest little gal. So good to see Megs. I like to tell the story of how her and I were born on the same day (she's 30 minutes are welcome Meg) and her doctor delivered me since mine was MIA. Anywho, she has been my birthday buddy growing up and one of my best buddies in the whole wide world. I wish we lived closer.

Owen has been enjoying the sprinklers, when the weather permits that is.

We have been hiking the Y and bridal veil falls, also when the weather permits.

I have also been trying to get mileage in since my big races are coming up. Tyson has been a champ and running as well. He is getting siked for the freedom run 5k. I never thought the day would come when Tyson asked me..."wanna go on a run Linds?" music to my ears!

Monday, June 2, 2008


with the temperatures actually staying above 50 degrees for 3 days in a mind has shifted into summer mode- Thought i would share what i will doing all summer-

*Frequenting the good ol provo pool with my 25 punch pass and then visiting the hospital later in the summer because me and the kids will have ghiardia (im sure along with the rest of you...anyone remember last summer? Sweet)

*Seriously considering "sand hollow" aka- mini lake powell. that is, if i can get my hands on a boat and very large yellow cabana. (mom? dad?)

*McCall Idaho has me thinking cafeteria food (which ive always secretly LOVED), the whole Mackay bunch lounging on the grass, lake water in my hair, talent shows and a community shower. I can't wait!

*4th of July 10k, trailrun 10 miler, wasatch back and the hobble creek half marathon will keep my bum looking as good as it possibly can (2 kids later) in a swimsuit. They will also keep me sane...and soar. Nice.

*My birthday is always a good time to finish off summer festivities...especially because this year we plan to rent sumo wrestler suits to celebrate the big 25. anyone wanna match?

*I also plan to eat all the veggies i can from my cute little garden which is actually growing like crazy. (im surprised i can keep something alive. my poor flowers died long ago). Beets, Carrots, Peas, Beans, tomotoes and cucumbers. Mmm Mmm Good.

whats on your summer list?