Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So im terrible at this blogging thing...or it could be the fact that i have 3 children that require much attention.
Here is what is happening lately-
-this pipes turned 2 MONTHS and continues to be a gem! She sleeps 6-7 hrs a night, eats like a champ and smiles like crazy, especially for Owen. (he's got awesome baby talk).
- We took a quick trip to Utah for Tyson so attend his cousins wedding in Idaho & it felt great to sit on the porch & do a whole lot of nothing in the 80 degree weather.
- Owen visited the dentist and got laughing gas for the first time and giggled the entire time. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!
- Been doin tons o swimming and park playing with friends (mostly in the morning or evenin hours of course). I realize Vegas in the summertime is like Utah in the wintertime...not a whole lot to do during the day unless you have plans to sweat to death.
- Owen finished up his basketball season and is now starting fall little league. Go White Sox.
- Reggie continues to keep us laughing with the things he says and does. Sometimes you love the kid, sometimes you just can't take him anymore. sigh....3 yrs olds! He is excited to start preschool next week and we are excited to have him go get some time away with friends.
- We pretty much live in St George on the weekends. With my family and some of Tyson's fam there most the time, its SO nice to play with them & get away here and there.
- Im starting my new calling as activity days leader this week and am super excited about it.
- Tyson is playing softball, teaching with the missionaries, visiting ward members and has actually took up a bit of running lately! its great to see him hooked.
-Speaking of running, im back in action, although slow and steady. Snow Canyon half marathon is in November & guess who's signed up??
-Anywho, life is great & with school starting we will have more to do! Hopefully i can stay up to date!

Monday, August 1, 2011