Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sand Hollow

So i don't get internet until friday but i made a special trip down to my parents house just so you all could get a sneak peak of our family vacation. Enjoy.

Yea, thats me. Don't be wanting any autographs...they will be worth something someday.

Owen lived on the tube. He still talks about it everyday.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Vacation

We are heading to St George to visit "mini lake powell" (since we can't go to the real one). Its called sand hollow. We are pumped seeing that this is our one and only summer vacation!! Yahoo. I know its been awhile on the blog front, but i am missing the internet until the nice i-provo people come and hook us up. Our house is fabulous and is coming along....i check something off my list each day. Its great to have something to finally call our own and call it home! we have been visiting the pool alot, running through the "sprinko's" and taking walks everynight! I ran the provo riverwoods 10 miler with my family and buddy Meredith, (who got 1st place by the way). I came in a step after in 2nd. It was a super race! Good time so far and summer hasn't even quite begun! Pics to come soon...promise! LATER.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Typical summer time...

Our Summer started with a bang! We spent most every waking hour this week painting, sanding, dusting, cleaning, name it, we did it to our house. Our red door is my favorite element. Brings a bit of spunk to the place.

2nd-ly, we enjoyed a sleep over with Cole and Will while eating popsicles, taking turns on the 4-wheeler, a little belly bumping and wrestling, then some cuddling.

Then the fun family (minus the husbands but including DAD of course) ran the Provo RiverWoods 10 miler race. The weather was a bit hot and the pancakes they serve every year with hot butter and syrup were just as much NOT appetizing as they are EVERY year. BUt overall, a great race with a few awards in the family for placing in our age groups!! Go fam- dam-ly.

Now to close the week, we give our attention to Big Dave. Happy Fathers Day Dad. You are great because-
1- you won ALL those medals around your neck.
2- You have ran 99% of ALL races with me.
3- You drink a gallon of milk a day which leads Tyson to believe you have huge muscles because of it.
4- You have the heart of gold and would do ANYTHING for ANYONE
5- You gave me my body type and a bit of my "white" personality
6- You take Owen on 4-wheeler rides to see the horsies everytime he asks
7- You can fix anything that breaks
8- You could have your own webpage called "ask dave" because you know everything!
9- You can make us all laugh with your jokes (like running into a door on purpose...get me everytime)
10- And last but not least, you hold the priesthood, can give us blessings, prepares awesome church talks and is the best dad on earth.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

After re-visiting our house numerous times i realized how small our space really is...therefore leading to frustration because there is not enough room for my many decor ideas i want to use up. But then i was humbled on a i always am on sundays. A woman spoke in stake conference last week and said something so profound i wanted to cry. " LOVE GROWS FAST IN SMALL SPACES." I want to frame that saying in my house somewhere (if there is room. ha). I came to the conclusion that i was being way too greedy for more space and with so many cute ideas to utilize and decorate small spaces, i became happier and happier and now am humbled to say that our house is perfect for our little family and love will grow fast within our walls.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Moving in...

So you know how we just moved in to my parents house until we found a house...well we already found a place and signed our lives away today! I have lost 4 lbs. from the stress. (but that is beside the point). We are super excited and thought we would be the last people to get into something, but we surprised ourselves even! Let me describe our new place for you... Its an old and quaint little stucco place in the heart of Provo, built in the 1950's, original wood flooring throughout the house, remodled kitchen and bathroom, 3 bedrooms 1 bath (we want to eventually add on...WAY down the road), right across the street from a huge beautiful park and a perfect yard for Owen to play in. WE love it and have many projects to get going on. Anyways, thought we would share the good to come when we move in next week! Ta ta.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Here in Mapleton, we are good at 3 things....

1- riding in the back of trucks

2. Feeding horses &
3. Riding 4- wheelers.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

work work work

So i am a bit behind on the blog front, but have legitimate reasons, i promise. I have been in training for a new little job opportunity. Tyson super business-y cousin/entreupenuer/owner of "all jeweled up"/uber creative and smart fellow knew i was into blogging a little bit and wanted me to blog for his company. I am super excited to stay home and earn a little extra cash. I will basically be writing articles for the my title could be... writer/publisher/blogger. My creative juices must start flowing. Anywho, on top of training, we took a trip up to IKEA- (im in love), have been swimming, running, trying to get all closed on our house and chasing Owen around the yard. I found him running through the sprinklers in the neighbors yard the other day fully dressed. Sheesh.

Be back soon.