Sunday, January 30, 2011

exploring Vegas

We discovered 5 miles up the road from our house is red rock canyon..the boys were in heaven climbing on the rocks...and throwing them of course. We were lucky we had no trips to the ER that day with 4 active boys. Owen and Reg have some buddies in St George (Bridger and Roper) and we were fortunate enough to have Jenn and Kyle bring them and come and stay for the weekend... and they are pretty cool themselves! cards, homemade ice cream, banangram, newlywed game....It was good times!
Then...sister brought Will and Millie down for the day and we went and did some more hiking of course. It is so pretty up there! We visited the park, the M&M factory and cheesecake factory date with sister. It was just what the doc ordered for me. When im feeling a bit down or homesick, its nice to have sister a hop, skip and an hour a half drive away. Plus, these little rascals play NON Stop!

Discovering a really cool cave.
Hello chubby...whats your name? I'm not a big fan of pics of my pregnant self (even though i am grateful for this little bean growing inside) but since i am a big fan of my husband and think he is a hottie and makes up for my lack of... he deserves to make a debut on here once and a awhile right? Plus, it was a really pretty hike. :)

PS- If any of you Vegas runners (or any) out there want to to join me in the lake to lake relay happening on March 5th i believe... in St George, I would love to put together a team! It consists of 2 legs of 5 miles. Plus, you get to end at sand hollow and spend ALL day with me in a car. Its a huge treat! Warning: I will be slow but steady and i will provide yummy snacks. Think about it!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Told you i would deliver more pics! This is the super awesome cake Kristen made for my Reg. Its a good thing she pulled through, otherwise he would have had some lame cupcake mix with a candle. After seeing his face, it was priceless!
i just about cute right? Kristen is so talented, and im so happy she shared her talents with my family :) Thank you kristen!
happiest kid on earth.

In other news, i am growing by the day i swear and have my real ultrasound in 2 weeks. I have been holding a little secret as to what i am having because an earlier ultrasound identified the sex of this babe...but i will make you wait just so that im TOTALLY sure. I have found a great running route where i live now and am going to try super hard to run this whole pregnancy...even though i feel like i will pee my pants the second i start my jog.

Anyhow, Vegas has been good so far, but its killing me that noone is ever out...i know i know, its winter, but its making it really hard to meet friends and i am dying for some! do i sound desperate or what?! I guess the rock front yards aren't condusive for sitting and hanging out and meeting neighbors. And the fact that now we are now the majority around here when it comes to religion. That is hard to adjust to...but ill get there.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dont let him fool you

This little rascal turned 3 recently and is showing it well! In the midst of moving and traveling and packing and unpacking, we did manage to throw him a little party before we left Utah...then another one when we got to St George with more cousins and friends (which involved a Saweeet toy story cake made by sisters friend Kristen, AMAZING i tell to come) and then yet another little party in Vegas which involved a visit to the mandalay bay shark reef and skinny cows (don't ask...the boys just love em!). Needless to say, Reg wasn't left most things in my life right now, including my blog. I make a promise to update more since we are away from family now, and i WILL keep my promise...starting like tomorrow or the next day. Speaking of being away from family and living in a new place, i am actually really liking it so far. I have costco and target down the street who provide ample comfort when im feeling homesick and lots of fun parks around every corner. The ward is super awesome as i can tell... And the hello...70's today. Is anyone jealous? I sat at the park with my sun glasses on while the boys rode their bikes for the majority of the day. heaven for January! I think i can get used to this...with ocassional trips to Utah of course. Anywho, more to come...of course, like i promised!