Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Would you believe

(whats a post without a picture right? taken by Lindsey Cord. love it.)

Would you believe...That in the past few weeks i seriously haven't had ONE second to even download pics onto this old blog. Seriously, let me tell ya that lately things have been C.R.A.Z.Y. we have...
  • Gone to Seattle and touched crabs... and then ate crabs using a wooden hammer..the boys wished every meal involved hitting things with a hammer.
  • Tyson has gone to Vegas for work, Youth Conference AND then Zions with the youth.
  • Lindsey officially became a real mom and conquered a little road trip with the boys to St George to visit sister for a week.
  • Moved out of our 1st home and into the Mackay's basement for the rest of the year.
  • Worked like crazy to create health plans (thank you all!) for individuals and LOVED it. Still love it if u find yourself interested.
  • Taken boys to the park and/or pool almost daily.
  • Ran in the Wasatch Back (Logan to Park City) race and conquered the dreaded "RAGNAR" climb up Wasatch state park mountain.
  • And the list goes on...pictures to come so stay tuned and prepare yourself for a sweet post full of pics coming soon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sigghhhhh....Someday..... my kitchen will look like this. Right now it is full of boxes, crumbs on the floor and empty holes in the wall from previous owners remodeling disasters.
Yep, we are moving.
Im sad, excited, nervous and confused.
My kids have great buddies here, I have great buddies here and I sincerely LOVE my neighbors.
A wonderful family will be moving in, in about 2 weeks.
We will be moving in with my awesome in-laws for 6 months (and when i say awesome. i mean it. You should be all be jealous ;)) until we take on our new adventure in Las Vegas.
I still cannot muster up the courage to say "I live in Nevada". It doesn't fit.
Hopefully we will find friends and fun there too however.
I can say i am overly joyed to be heading towards the sun.
Yesterday on a June afternoon when i had a sweatshirt and pants on i knew i was ready to move somewhere sweltering.
I LOVE the sun.
Even if it shows on my face and shoulders, i don't care. It gives people character i think.
So for now, i will spend my time eating popsicles on our porch
jumping on our trampoline
and spending lots of time with friends...
Until i remember that i have a house to pack up and move.