Tuesday, January 30, 2007

wHY i LIKeD toDAy


Monday, January 29, 2007

List of ideas.

I learned yesterday that January 22nd was just named the "most depressing" day of the year because by that day most people had already gave up on their resolutions....Well NOT ME. I won't let that happen. Here is the list of things i am going to do this year and i'm proud to say most are already in progress...

1. Learn about all the wars and presidents of the US.

2. Read each months ensign from front to back.

3. Eat only 1 treat a day (i have a major sweet tooth so this one is tough)

4. Make a new friend

5. Return phone calls

6. Focus on the small things, like when someone is sick, bring them soup.

7. Run the Boston marathon in April.

8. Teach Owen his ABC's.

9. Learn about the lives of the apostles.

10. Finish the BofM again.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A bit of happiness

Sometimes a girl just needs a break and a little TLC. So today Tyson came home from work early as i spent the day shopping in Park City. When i got home i found the following things.... 1. A beautiful yellow rose in a jar on the table
2. Pita bread and an array of my favorite veggies to put on our pita pizza's.

3. A perfectly spotless house that smelled like my favorite "sweet pea" scent, beds made and the dishes done.

......Oh and i also came home to an Excema diagnosed little Owen. He's had a very itchy rash for 2 weeks (which would explain why we are both going crazy), and finally got some medication to help. Lets hope it works! Overall, this day was what i needed! now back to reality....

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My BUSY day

5:30 am-
I awake with a soar throat and cough but head to "spin" class anyway. I leave spin at 6:45 feeling like i am going to throw up and dripping sweat. I go back to bed for 30 minutes.
Owen awakes and demands waffles, "nanas" (bananas) and higley town heroes.
Owen takes his 2nd bath already and cries because he itches from his on- going mysterious rash. He gets drenched in lotions, gets dressed and starts destruction
11:00 am-
Mom sits down at the computer finally while Owen plays with toys quietly (hmmm, that wierd). Mom goes out to find black ink all over his skin and all over our entertainment center.
12:00 pm-
Owen finally takes a nap while mom scrubs pencil off the walls, whipes milk off the counter, mops the sticky floor, puts away laundry, cleans up spilled game pieces, and finally takes a shower.
2:00 pm- Owen awakes...destruction begins again after lunch. Mom sets her book down (i am teaching myself history all over again) to entertain the monster and read him a book. He learns the word "bat".
4:00 pm- Owen takes all the utencils out of my drawers and hits everything in sight with his "bat". Then he wants to have a pillow fight on my freshly made bed.
5:15 pm- Tyson comes home....relief begins.
6:00 pm- We head off to my ward basketball game. As "sports coordinator" i put together a team and we have a great game, although we lose. My throat is burning.
7:30pm- Owen falls asleep on the way home from the game and i finally get to spend 1 hour with my husband eating fish sticks and tator tots. I had an egg and tomatoe sandwich.
RIGHT NOW- I am falling asleep at the computer and must go to bed while Owen runs wild with energy and Tyson takes care of him. Good night.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Bored anyone?

TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Its january, Its COLD, There is Nothing to do and Owen is DESTROYING my house. Sometime i ask myself...." WHy do I Still LIVE HeRe?" Our families are both here and that is enough reason to stay but MAN, I HATE WINTER and LOVE the Heat! When its a high of 9 Degress, you know you are in the WRONG place. What Does EVERYONE do on a day like today? Suggessions?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ugly Sweater

Every January my family holds their annual "ugly sweater and soup night." We all go out and find the ugliest sweater we think can give us a victory for the 1st place prize and in the meantime enjoy some homemade soups. I am proud to say i hold the title of last year's winner and am hoping for another victory as "ugly sweater and soup night" is almost upon us. Wish me luck.
P.S. Here's the fam last year. Tyson sports a "game" style v-neck sweater vest embellished with ping pong rackets, playing cards and chips. Owen works a puke yellow peice with a blue and green design down the front. And as for me, i proudly wear a 100% wool piece equipped with elbow pads and a beautiful crew neck with pink and golds.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Reasons i LOVE being a mom

Big brown Eyes...
And a smile like this is hard to resist.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The men in my life

As i was scrolling through my pictures i came across this one...one of my favorites. Why you ask? here are the reasons-
1. bottom left ( brother Blake). Because Blake can make me laugh under any circumstances but especially because he thinks he looks like the guy on the cover of "runners world" magazine. ( who sports the best 6 pack on earth and is in incredible shape).
2. bottom right (nephew Cole) Because Cole tells me i'm his favorite aunt after i gave him a gigantic sucker from disneyland and he coined my nickname "sheshe".
3. 2nd Row far right (newphew will). Because when we ride in the car with his brother who we tell to keep his seat belt on or he'll go to jail, Will says "i wanna go to jail!" He never wants to feel like he's missing out on something
4. 2nd row-big guy (DAD). Because dad has been my running partner for years. Because he and I are alot alike in the gene pool. Because he likes to take his daughters out for dinner and picks us out a new shirt. Because he cares about his family. Because he truly is the best dad in the world
5. 2nd Row-next to dad (bro-in-law Aaron). Because Aaron calls me every Christmas to pick out my sisters gifts and because he likes to workout with me.
6. My little guy Owen- Because today he picked up the queen of hearts and said "mommy". Because he is a good little dancer. Because he can throw and catch a ball. Because he keeps me on my feet all the day long. Because he made me a mother.
7. The best for last- Tyson. My husband. Because he was willing to marry me after i waited for 2 long years for him to come home from his mission. Because he loves little kids and wants 10 (but definately wont happen). Because he works full time and goes to school full time and still finds time to play a game of rumicube with me everynight. Because he just got called to the elders chorum presidency. Because he loves me in the morning when i don't love how i look. Because he's a great-playful dad and because he is almost willing to give up soda becuase i want him to.

Friday, January 12, 2007

New Haircuts and new ideas...

Yesterday i got a new haircut and so far loving it. My super stylish friend Meredith performed the magic at the super chic and super modern "Shep Salon". It was the cutest place. Green walls with modern art, funky orange chairs and an arrangement of small mirrors in a cool frames were hung. Along with my new do, i was reading my new january issue of "parents" magazine and found this cute idea for a fun afternoon treat. Its vanilla wafers pushed together with a melted caremel square in the middle. You dip the wafer in melted choc chips and dip in fun sprinkles. I know what ill be doing on my snowed in afternoon!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

a CrEaTuRe AmOnG uS

This morning after hearing annonomous noises in our backyard, we went and out and found THESE...what could it be? A cat, A dear, "Little Foot"? Who knows...but we do know he likes out surroudings and probably lives in this tree. Everyone likes a mystery....

Sunday, January 7, 2007


Ive never met bigger Seahawk fans than those of my in-laws. Born and raised washinton-ians...they bleed green and blue and host "seahawk parties" with each game. Their mighty hi-def theatre room is just the right size for the many bodies that attend these miraculous get togethers...each couple sports jerseys and t-shirts and eats plates of "little smokies", buffalo wings and (if there is room) veggie trays. We are happy to report a great ending of last's nights festivities with a victory over the DALLAS COWBOYS (sorry Aaron) 21-20. GO SEATTLE!

Owen was even sporting his newly buzzed head and his very own seattle jersey (although wrong sport) he was happy to be involved!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

feeling a little antique-ish...

SO i went to the craft store last night and was in one of those "want to spend money" moods. So i meandered up and down the isles and to my surprise i came upon these darling antique-ish little containers and sign for my house. All though its not a house of my own, i figure its not too late to start collecting trinkets and little craft goodies to embelish my own house with someday! I was quite proud of my find and wanted to share the excitement with someone! You love it don't you?

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

nothin better than a smile....

Run away...im comin to get ya!
Grandpa Dave and cousin Cole can always make him laugh.

"Let me see your teeth Owen"

What a poser...

We hope the new year brings as many smiles to you as it did to us. HAPPY NEW YEAR!