Sunday, December 6, 2009 don't watch cartoons in your underwear in a laundry basket? Weird.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So, sister was here this weekend from St George and did a promto- photo-shoot for Christmas cards for ma and pa. ONE of them worked. Cute right?
Most of them looked like this however, everyone trying to keep Reggie's attention...NOTHING worked. i love 2 year olds.
These 2 cute little girls were awesome. I love how different they are but so girly at the same time!
Owen has learned to be a poser from his dad. ha, just kiddin, he has a personality of his very own. I have to say though, i think he is pretty darn cute myself.

Thanks sister for letting me be a theif and steal these off your blog. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

So now that it is November and the Christmas season is right around the corner, i've been thinking about gifts and trying to keep within budget...which means being very creative and making as much as my Christmas gifts as possible. That said, my wish list is totally opposite :)
Here it is...

I wish for an oversized OLD map of the world. In case you didn't know, i LOVE maps. I want a big one that covers a whole wall in my house someday. There is something about it that is so dreamy...
I wish for lots of cute functional storage boxes so i can de-clutter my little house and be stylish at the same time :)
I wish for all new cooking this little treasure. Its a simply grill pan. Mine are quite old and would love new ones.
I love this mirror....super vintage-ish and would look so cute on my wall above my bed. Last but not least, i wish for a cute new fresh short haircut, just like this!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busy Month

Its been one busy month... so here is a recap in opposite order-
Of course Halloween was a hit. This year we had David Beckham, Ichiro and a rangers player. Saweet! We did all the festivities and trick and treating was a hit this year (unlike last year:)
BYU parade...where we got stocked up on candy that we thought would last us for a was gone that weekend. :)
Tyson and I were able to get away just the 2 of us and visit Texas. Tyson served his mission there and i really wanted to finally visit a 6 flags! We stayed with some good friends of ours..Brent and Britta and played spades every night until we were delirious.
Here we are at 6 flags..which by the way was the funnest place EVER! We were like 6th graders running from ride to ride!
We visited the fort worth stock yards...just like i imagined Texas would be like. I loved it. We were also able to visit some of Tyson's old areas and of course visited some old mission friends.
Owen had a birthday party with friends which wore us ALL out. We played pin the arm on the skeleton, made witches brew, colored bags, had relay races and ate donuts.
Owen loved every minute of it.
Now, on to November and a whole lot of Christmas shopping, light decorating, thanksgiving eating and visitin sister of course.

Friday, October 23, 2009

So basically i cannot STAND for Golds Gym salesman (no offense :)),
however, at the same time, i need to renew my gym pass.
I hate running outside in the cold.
Spin class is my saving grace.
So as much as i HATE to do it..does anyone know of any good deals..
or have one they want to sell?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This little stinker turns 4 today. In his own words-
"Im gonna be fo on octobo fo-teenth."
Where has the time gone?
He requested a birthday party with friends,
McDonalds for lunch,
and another party tonight.
Since I LOVE birthdays, his wishes are granted.
Owen is the best friend anyone could have.
Happy "bothday" Buddy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A success

Ahhh..sunny St George. Always a fun vacation. This time it was especially fun because we stayed with our good friends Jenn and Kyle. They have 2 little guys like us...Owen and Bridger were born on the same day and are super duper good buddies. Owen pretty much didn't sleep for 3 days he was so excited to play. Kyle and Jenn are pretty much RAD. We had so much fun with them. Thanks for weekend guys!
We had a little birthday party for the boys since their bday is the same day and happens to be in a few weeks. We played "pop the balloon", opened a present, ate cupcakes and rode bikes. wala!
Of course, the REAL reason we went down to George was to run the marathon. Mom was a rock star and decided to run it 3 weeks ago. Here she is with her buddy Kelly with .1 miles to go!
Dad and I both got a PR...we were very excited about it! 3:25 for dad and 3:17 for me. Dad is such a great motivator and always wants me to do my best! Im so happy to have him for my runnin partner. This is at the finish line waitin for mom.
really happy to be sitting down right now. My stomach cramped at the end and i was in a ball the whole rest of the day, Thank goodness for hot tubs.
Overall, it was a great race. Dad and i ran together until about mile 15. I started having back pain and decided...i just really want to finish fast so i can sit down. Dad got a sip of water and we never re-connected..until the finish. Then we ate popsicles and hobbled back to our family.
Next up, Boston marathon in April!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

later skater

I'll leave you with our little family night activity...eating frosties from wendy's and singing songs on a blanket on the floor. Owen requested it and it couldn't have been more fun.
Now we are off to have more fun in sunny St George. Ill be runnin the marathon, and ALL my boys will be waiting for me at the finish. Such great motivation i tell ya!!
Have a great weekend and go get a frosty, a vanilla one.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In my attempt to "fall clean", i have been going through all my magazines, cutting out pictures of what i want my house to look like someday. I put them all in a folder and store them away until someday, i can pull them out and my dreams will come true :)
This is only making me what a house with more space, more creativity and room for me to hang up all sorts pictures. All this, i do in my "spare time." I guess with Sister getting ready to move to St George, i am hoping that someday soon i can move there too. I mean, i can't imagine my life without sister a mile away.
Here is a glimpse of a cute room i have stored away...
I love how simple it is, non cluttery and dreamy with the birds.

simple lines, funky patterns and it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

my young women at our last activity together...we had sister come take our picture at the temple, head shots and all, then we sat on the grass and ate watermelon

An update

So far...
SCHOOL is great.
I LOVE my classes and am learning lots.
I am taking...
Consumer health, human disease, modifying health behaviors, health education and interning.
Its a busy schedule but REALLY love going to class. Im the nerd that comments on everything.
Besides school, i am chasing around the boys, trying to keep my house clean, and spending every extra minute with my sister.
I got released from my YW calling.
Very sad and miss the girls already. but it will a good thing...because
got called as the YM pres. He is very excited as well as i am because maybe this will get him more organized :)
Tys has a full load at school too as well as work.
Playing basketball, softball and tennis all he can.
And taking care of the boys when i am at school. He's SO rad!
Loves preschool...can't wait for show and tell on fridays :)
Plays soccer on thursday's and is hilarious. Watching 4 yr olds play is very entertaining!
Plays with friends EVERY chance he gets
and LOVES noodles all of the sudden.
thinks he owns the place. Has a bit of an attitude lately...
he throws up weekly from crying or coughing so hard (normal?)
But loves hangin with his older bro, jumpin on the tramp and
picking tomatoes from the garden.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


1 exoctic honeymoon
+ 2 little rugrats
+ 3 new wedding bands
+ 4 different addresses
= 5 YEARS of Marriage BLISS

xoxoxo T

Friday, August 28, 2009

back in action folks

Yep, im back in school
I have 2 more semesters left....
which means, i will be working my booty off
and burying my head in books...
and tickleing my little boys bodies as much as possible!
So im sorry if i neglect you.
catch ya later.
Ps- birthday was amazing.
shopped, rode my new bike, ran a half marathon, ate french toast,
played tennis, ate cupcakes and popsicles and chocolate covered carmeled apples.
(someone is trying to make me chubbster.)
played at park with family and friends
took a bath and slept like a baby.
i loved my day. thank you family.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

its my birthday

and I LOVE today.
More details on the big day later.
Much Love
26th year old Linds

Monday, August 17, 2009

I decided to keep up the camping spirit and head up to payson lakes with the fam and our wonderful neighborhood friends. Lets just say we weren't all smiles the whole time. It just isn't the same camping experience with a 18 month old. He threw up twice, i swear it was a ploy to get us home....
but with much trial, we succeded and even built a sweet fort at our camp site for the kids. It was fun to hang with everyone, while i wasn't toting ornery reg around on my hip. Owen had a blast however and guessed every answer to 20 questions. it was awesome. such a great kid.
In conclusion, i won't be going camping for a LONG time.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Girls camp

So i just returned from disneyland (our theme at girls camp). I am mentally, physically and emotionally a good way of course!
Here is our group. We had almost 100% attendance. These girls are awesome.
I introduced leg wrestling to the bunch for our olympics day. Here i am schooling Libby! She gave me a good fight.
My beehives, who i adore and LOVE. they are darling and amazing!
Me and Juls. She is my beehive advisor and the most loving person on earth!
We had a billion leaders who went and for some of the time i had to remind myself that this isn't leaders camp. I had a crazy fun time with ALL of them. Especially the day we colored naughty disney pictures and sent them home to our husbands. Good times ladies. I already miss it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"cycles cycles"

Once there was a boy who LOVED motorcycles. He could hear them coming from miles away and was mezmorized by their sound, their look and their speed!
Pretty sure he dreams about these when he sleeps.
So one day, his awesome ma and pa took him to visit the harley davidson shop and...
his dreams came true.
The end.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its a good sign if i don't update this things often... it means i am busy chasing around my boys and keeping up with summer. I don't want to miss a thing. I LOVE summer. Nothing too exciting that you have been missing, just the usual summer stuff...sellin popsicles. Sales were pretty slow and our popsicles we ate them instead.
Owen is now swimming thanks to swim lessons and awesome grub (his teacher)
Climbing trees..and getting stung by bees.

sparklers and "mary popp-its" (as owen calls them). Reg loved them as well

What is a summer without the hogle zoo. Does anyone else think its pretty small and kind of boring? The animals were all snuggled up the shade sleeping when we went. pretty anti-climatic. Next time we will just go to the bean museum for free. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Super heros in action

A few weeks ago, we had cousin Xander sleep over at our house (in a tent in the family room of course). Before bed, a little "fightin the bad guys" was in order...
Here is Reggie, AKA- Superman catching some serious air. this kid is crazy on the trampoline
Superheros always wrestle right?
"Shootin Fire Balls!"
Xander and O. Best buddies.
Now these are the guys i would want fightin bad guys for me...Cute right?!