Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Shoeing

We decided to be adventurous and go on a midnight snow shoeing adventure up wasatch state park that was put on by "friend of wasatch" (even thought it really started at 7:30). We were lead by a "pro" snow shoe-er who was dubbed the name "coach" by our group. He was a sweet old man who wanted to make sure we had fun. Here we are with him in the above pic
A bunch of my mom and dads hilarous neighbors came along and we are glad they did. Coach was buddy buddy with a few of the guys and turned them into our leaders throughout our hike... coach even said at one point, "if you get seperated and lost, just go back over there." (Um..were up in the mountains surrounded by glittery snow with no sence of direction but thanks coach!) When we got a point where we could see over heber valley, Ryan pulled out some martinelli's and we had some bubbly...very fun.
Sister came up this weekend to do some photography, so of course we had each other almost peeing our pants in laughter. We hiked up this huge mountain and then slid back down on our bums and we CRUISED! Coach let us hike back up and do it again while the rest of the group waited for us at the bottom. He was so excited we were having fun.
Overall, it was such a fun advenutre that i have never done before. The snow was SO pretty. It was just what i needed right now as i was finding it hard to see why i live in Utah when i hate being cold. But you know, it was really fun and i enjoyed being up in the mountains minus my worrying about avalanches and wild animals. A cup of hot choco and cookies concluded our adventure. Can't wait to do it next year.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jenny's canyon
Aaron, Will and Millie
Jumping contest...intence
Love this one...what joy from being outside.
So there are places that exist that don't have snow in January and OH how i LOVE those places. St George is one of those places and since sister lives there now, we visit often. Every month in fact. This time we visited snow canyon (which didn't have snow) and we played in the sand dunes, hiked a few little mountains, played at the park, went on walks and enjoyed blue skies. It is heaven to be able to send kids outside to play without layering them up in snow clothes. (sigh) Someday.....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

this is it!

pictures curtosy of Owen
Welcome to my LAST semester of college! That is right, i will finally be a college graduate this April...and finally be able to actually clean up after this little monster. i think my degree is not only applicable for a career but also something that i LOVE teaching to my kids. It melts my heart when Owen prays to be healthy. Love that.
So here is the break down of my classes for those who are interested-

Community Health Ethics- very interesting class where i will be learning about ethics in the medical field mostly. Really cool.
Program Planning in Community Health- I actually get to create and plan a community health program and im really excited about it!
Research Methods in Comm. Health- Where i write a 25 page research paper. Im thinking im going to write it on organic Vs Conventional food.
International Health- this class is going to make we want to adopt a child from a third world country so i can give them the health and life they deserve. I just know it.
Im also taking an online marketing class because as you know, marketing in health can be so deceitful.
It should be an intense semester but one that i am really excited about!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Christmas was P-E-R-F-E-C-T thanks to these stinkin cute boys. They are so much fun right now. Christmas is just as exciting as it used to be because i get to see their faces light up like mine did years ago. We had lots of fun parties this year, movie watching, book reading, light seeing, game playing and treat eating!
We managed to sneak a semi-family picture at the Bird party. Tys was probably around trying to pry a baby out of somebody's arms. Good thing he's been around the twinners and his sisters new little baby so he can get his baby fix in for awhile!
The big man showed up at a few of our Christmas parties of course, Owen liked him as long as he didn't have to look him in the eyes.
Reg didn't quite dig Santa this year..UNTIL he pulled out a treat.
Merry Christmas to me...IM GOING TO STOMP! Mom surprised me and i am stoked to go! I also received some super awesome pots and pans from my fabulous Inlaws. Now we can eat eggs minus the teflon. YEAH!!
Christmas Morn and Owen couldn't be happier. He got his "snowboard" from Santa (aka-a green 6 dollar saucer sled) Sweet!
This is such a classic Christmas Morning picture...bed head, tired eyes, a smile and of course hands down the pants. Nice Reg.
A little brotherly love on the Eve of Christmas.