Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear Aaron

Even though you are REALLY old now because today is your birthday, we think your moves are still very hip and young. You dance Aaron. You deserve too...because once again, today is YOUR day Aaron. I am proud to say i have the coolest Brother in law who is hip enough to throw dance parties on his street...just because, run a marathon just because HE can, Stock his garage full of corn chex cereal...because that's what cool people do when you cant have wheat, and buy endless amounts of cleats on ebay...because...well they were a good deal.
Happy Birthday big guy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have GREAT friends...what can i say. They imprompto loaded 4 small kiddos (under 3) total and headed to Vegas to see me & Meg and my huge belly for a few days! These girls i have knows since i was a small little lad.
We all looked at each other and shook our heads as ALL 7 of our kids ran wild through my house...look how far we have all come :-)
It is so fun seeing them and their kids. My all star husband stayed home with all the kids (minus cute little Ellery) one evening as we got a enjoy a little quiet time, grimaldi's pizza, cheesecake factory and a walk through pottery barn. They asked if Tyson was always this willing to take on 7 kids alone...i had to say yes... Because he truly is amazing and born to LOVE kidlets.
A highlight was watching "never say never"...it was like we were 14 again as we all developed little crushes on Justin Beiber. I hope my boys never grow up and learn how to flirt like him though.
Thanks for the fun girlies...cant wait till next time!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today we ate strawberries dipped in powdered sugar in our swimsuits. Doesn't get any better than that!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

some big things

So it's safe to say that our 2nd home has become St George. I have always loved this little town and since mom & dad will soon call it their home (oops, was i supposed to spill that news?) i'm sure we will be here even more often. I will delivering my baby here and LOVE my doctor so we have our fair share of commutes!

On one of our mini trips we took many zips around the block on the scooter. Reg couldn't get enough even if i made him stand because my belly wouldn't allow me to share the seat.
For our Easter this year, we took another trip to St George and met this famous bunny. Most awkward easter bunny ever. He wondered around and waited for kids to come up to him. Finally, i felt so bad for him we went and took our pic with him, even though his bow tie was crooked and his pants were accidentally tucked into his socks the whole time.
On abother occasion, i came up for a little girls weekend with my mackay girls. We pretty much laughed the whole time...im surprised my water didn't break. I love each of them and am so lucky they share their awesome-ness with me!
In the next month i will be there even more helping the parentals unpack their things and with about a month and a half left pregnant, i will be making lots of Dr visits. So exciting!