Wednesday, May 26, 2010

here goes nothin'

So i got a few requests for health plans and decided to dive in and actually use my degree and go to work!
I love writing up personalized plans on nutrition, exercise and overall health.
Here how it works-
If you are interested, we meet and talk about goals, needs and health concerns...
It can be anything from nutrition to exercise to stress management to emotional health.
Then i use that knowledge to create a personalized health plan for you to follow to meet your needs and hopefully help you accomplish all your health wishes!
The initial meeting= $25.00.
I can come to you, or we can communicate over email. what ever works for you folks.
The actual health plan all spiffy-d up in a nice bound folder= $50.00.
It is alot of work but worth it.
I love finding out new things and going through all my old health notes to make it individual and helpful.
I'm really not a business woman or really tend to be but i would love to do this plan for anyone.

Thanks and happy healthy wishes!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

whats been goin on

I realize i don't post often, and that is because we really don't do much around here worth bloggin about. Although, i feel its fun and exciting, the blog front might yawn at our daily events. Here is the latest-
Owen has been playing alot with friends. I guess he has entered that stage where if he doesn't have a friend over everyday, his life is "SO BOWING" (boring). Him and his little buddy Isaac are good buds and had a great time showing me tricks on the trampoline. We had some neighbor boys break the tramp a few weeks ago but thank heavens for awesome "fix it" neighbors who repaired it so we don't go crazy this summer.
Reg man did a little gym class and loved it. His teacher was impressed with his "athletic skills".
We have been doing alot of yoga around here, even Tyson! I know, right!? Owen likes to get in on the action every once and awhile. Please don't mind the blanket covering the window, our blinds fell down and even though we have mad yoga skills we don't like the world to see them :)
In more news, we rented our house starting next month. It is was kind of a surprise and a quick thing! we will be moving to vegas the beginning of next year after Tyson graduates for work so in the meantime going to rent our home (since selling is down the toilet in this economy) and moving in with family to save some money until then. Its very bittersweet for me and in fact even talking about it, i start to get a knot it my throat. I love this house, neighborhood, friends and ward here. Its a perfect place to raise a family. about to cry, ill leave it at that.
PS- im working on starting up a little health plan business. I guess i wouldn't call it a business but i would like to start making health plans for folks...let me know if you would be interested in somethin like that jump start the swimsuit season!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So now that im an official college grad, instead of entering the work field like most graduates is what i am going to do-

Be a full time mother
Go to Disneyland
Work on selling/renting our home
Read the twighlight series i guess (haven't read any yet....gasp)
Play outside all day every day
Make dinner for my family more
Work on health plans for anyone who wants one
visit St George as much as possible
Read the Book of Mormon, then the Old and New testaments
Finish up my life history- the part that i have lived at least
& Be a better friend.

Thanks to all my family who threw a BBQ for me and showered me with gifts. You must know i LOVE presents. I have the best family in the world. hands down!