Wednesday, September 30, 2009

later skater

I'll leave you with our little family night activity...eating frosties from wendy's and singing songs on a blanket on the floor. Owen requested it and it couldn't have been more fun.
Now we are off to have more fun in sunny St George. Ill be runnin the marathon, and ALL my boys will be waiting for me at the finish. Such great motivation i tell ya!!
Have a great weekend and go get a frosty, a vanilla one.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In my attempt to "fall clean", i have been going through all my magazines, cutting out pictures of what i want my house to look like someday. I put them all in a folder and store them away until someday, i can pull them out and my dreams will come true :)
This is only making me what a house with more space, more creativity and room for me to hang up all sorts pictures. All this, i do in my "spare time." I guess with Sister getting ready to move to St George, i am hoping that someday soon i can move there too. I mean, i can't imagine my life without sister a mile away.
Here is a glimpse of a cute room i have stored away...
I love how simple it is, non cluttery and dreamy with the birds.

simple lines, funky patterns and it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

my young women at our last activity together...we had sister come take our picture at the temple, head shots and all, then we sat on the grass and ate watermelon

An update

So far...
SCHOOL is great.
I LOVE my classes and am learning lots.
I am taking...
Consumer health, human disease, modifying health behaviors, health education and interning.
Its a busy schedule but REALLY love going to class. Im the nerd that comments on everything.
Besides school, i am chasing around the boys, trying to keep my house clean, and spending every extra minute with my sister.
I got released from my YW calling.
Very sad and miss the girls already. but it will a good thing...because
got called as the YM pres. He is very excited as well as i am because maybe this will get him more organized :)
Tys has a full load at school too as well as work.
Playing basketball, softball and tennis all he can.
And taking care of the boys when i am at school. He's SO rad!
Loves preschool...can't wait for show and tell on fridays :)
Plays soccer on thursday's and is hilarious. Watching 4 yr olds play is very entertaining!
Plays with friends EVERY chance he gets
and LOVES noodles all of the sudden.
thinks he owns the place. Has a bit of an attitude lately...
he throws up weekly from crying or coughing so hard (normal?)
But loves hangin with his older bro, jumpin on the tramp and
picking tomatoes from the garden.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


1 exoctic honeymoon
+ 2 little rugrats
+ 3 new wedding bands
+ 4 different addresses
= 5 YEARS of Marriage BLISS

xoxoxo T