Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Dweam come twue"

For 1 year we have saved up our money jar to visit Disneyland. We finally talked some friends in going with us (well...told them they were coming) and we went for Owen's 5th birthday. Bridger is Owens buddy and born on the same day! We spent 2 days in the magical kingdom and the boys were in heaven!
All the boys. ive never seen so much wrestling and teasing....in a nice way. They are good buds.
Owen and Reg got to pick out a toy with their change they saved. Buzz guns and huge suckers were the choice.

Classic right? Who doesn't have a picture with Mickey? He was gettin fresh with the girls, in fact he gave Jenn a kiss and pretty sure he grazed my bum. But its mickey, he can get away with anything. The birthday boys! 5 is treating them very good so far!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My kind of pet...

Im not going to lie...one of my favorite parts of summer is raising our little pet and setting it free.
It starts mid august when we go search for milk weed leaves that have little teeny tiny caterpillar eggs on the back of them.
Its like finding gold in a bunch of weeds.
Then we bring it home, keep it wet and soon it hatches into a little caterpillar who then eats the milk weeds.
Unfortunately i didn't get a picture of mr fuzzy pants ( the catepillar that owen named). But soon after a few weeks, he gets bigger and bigger and then spins a cocoon.
Then that cocoon hatches after a week or so and out comes a beautiful butterfly.
Here we are just minutes before setting our pet free. (don't mind Owens awesome 3 sizes too small t-rex costume).
And here's our baby free on its own out in the wild. tear.
We all said what we loved about him before we set him free.
The boys loved it.
I loved it.
now i can check off that we have had a pet.