Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New room

Recently, we decided to put the boys together in a room. I mean, come on...what 1 year old needs their own room anyway right? And NO, this DOES NOT mean i am preggo and making room for nursery. No thanks. Actually, i was in desperate need of a toy room....i can keep it messy, shut the door and feel good that all the boys toys are in one room and destruction can happen in their. Good times. They like sharing a room and Owen can't wait to get bunk beds once Reg is old enough. anywho, here is their new awesome...GREEN room.
Reg man's sanctuary...and my favorite part of the room...the green storage boxes that are the boys treasure boxes. blessing outfits, feet print, growing charts all go in there. precious.
Owens bed...and reg pretending to be big enough to sleep there.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A to the Z.

So last sunday we got a phone call that Tyson's cute grandma had passed away in Washington. We had plans to take the boys to Arizona for the week....but instead....Owen and I hopped in the car with Ma and Pa and took off to AZ while Tys took care of Reg and headed to Washington for the funeral. Here is what the us and the O mister did all week...
Swam. Owen was in that pool from 9am until his whole body was wrinkly. Thank goodness for all his cute little friends that befriended him and made it super fun.
Golfed. I can actually hit it up in the air. Look out Tiger.
Owen was a machine on the mini greens
Our resort had the most beautiful trail with ducks we fed. Im sure they are a few pounds heavier these days after consuming our huge bag of day old bread all week.
The resort also had beach cruisers you could rent and ride. My mom and I pumped Owen. (Just like the old days..."hey,can i have a pump")
And of course we hit up some major league baseball games. We picked to go on the wrong day...we were surrounded by drunk people decked out in green for St Patty's day. It made for some FUN people watching!!
Did i mention it was 90 Degrees all week? It was nice to get away. I miss my other boys horribly and can't wait to see them tonight.

Friday, March 13, 2009

We are gettin outta here and taking the boys to sun, swimming and baseball in Arizona. DOn't be surprised if i don't come back to this march coldness.
I love Utah, but come-on, i hate the cold and if my family didn't live here, i would live somewhere warm. Im just a home-body and can't go very long without a hug from mom and dad, brother and sister.
So long for now.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Does anyone out there know a good estitician who does eye lash tinting?? Perhaps from their home? Let me know ladies!!!
ps- Happy Friday