Tuesday, July 27, 2010

these guys

Even though i have a sister who is a prof. photographer, i have neglected getting these guys's pictures taken for some time. I want to remember this time while they are young, adventurous, annoying (at times), innocent (at times) and love each other (lets hope it stays that way)...so sister took some pics for me and they made me sad because they look so old! I got a flash of the future while looking at these as Owen as a teenager. Good thing i don't remember what he is going to be like, but i think it looks bright....as long as they both stay mama's boys.
Thanks sister.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer.....so far

Our summer so far has been one fun event after the next. Im tellin ya, im one of those people who don't want my kids to miss out on anything and experience everything, even if that entails waking them up at 6:15am to run in the freedom run with me and see outrageous parade floats. Yep, im proud of it and i know they secretly love it even if they whine sometimes. I mean, they are only kids once and i want them to remember their childhood as awesome and adventurous, even if it is exhausting as parents.
Here is what we have done so far...Reggie pet a huge snake at the freedom festival repital show. He was all over the reptiles, while Owen was alittle timid.
The night before we moved out of our house we got sparklers and pop-its, had a late night and slept in a tent in our yard. Well...Owen and Tyson did. Reg and I had a sleepover in the family room.
I took the boys to St George while Tyson was a young mens trip for the week and im pretty sure Owen never got dressed. We swam, played on the tramp, played at the park, swam more and ate Popsicles for 5 days!
Why doesn't Provo have splash pads? They are the best! Look at the joy on their faces?! I need to show this to the provo city council members.
We took a trip to Seattle for a wedding and golf tournament with the Mackay family. It was a blast, even though it was a little cold and rainy, still very beautiful and very fun memories! We ate real seafood for the first time and Owen loved the crab!
We attempted to hike snoqualame falls but it was pouring rain so we took a gander at it and called it good.
We went to the ballard locks and saw lots of cool ships and watched the water get big and small. it was pretty awesome.
We visited the Seattle center and saw the cool fountain and got a licorice rope. Remember those? Classic! I loved them back in the day. Reggie loved chasing the birds.
We also went to the puget sound and found crabs underneath rocks. The boys were in heaven!
Owen posed in most every picture.
Best day ever...i went to a little basketball reunion lunch with the girls i played basketball with in my high school days plus my coach Liz. I love them so much and we laughed till our stomachs hurt. Who knew i was such a shorty compared to all these gals. Tall beauties!

.We had our annual neighborhood summer bash with a pinata. The reason i love this picture is because of our awesome neighbor who is deathly afraid of Owens swing.
Stay tuned...summer has just begun!