Friday, October 23, 2009

So basically i cannot STAND for Golds Gym salesman (no offense :)),
however, at the same time, i need to renew my gym pass.
I hate running outside in the cold.
Spin class is my saving grace.
So as much as i HATE to do it..does anyone know of any good deals..
or have one they want to sell?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This little stinker turns 4 today. In his own words-
"Im gonna be fo on octobo fo-teenth."
Where has the time gone?
He requested a birthday party with friends,
McDonalds for lunch,
and another party tonight.
Since I LOVE birthdays, his wishes are granted.
Owen is the best friend anyone could have.
Happy "bothday" Buddy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A success

Ahhh..sunny St George. Always a fun vacation. This time it was especially fun because we stayed with our good friends Jenn and Kyle. They have 2 little guys like us...Owen and Bridger were born on the same day and are super duper good buddies. Owen pretty much didn't sleep for 3 days he was so excited to play. Kyle and Jenn are pretty much RAD. We had so much fun with them. Thanks for weekend guys!
We had a little birthday party for the boys since their bday is the same day and happens to be in a few weeks. We played "pop the balloon", opened a present, ate cupcakes and rode bikes. wala!
Of course, the REAL reason we went down to George was to run the marathon. Mom was a rock star and decided to run it 3 weeks ago. Here she is with her buddy Kelly with .1 miles to go!
Dad and I both got a PR...we were very excited about it! 3:25 for dad and 3:17 for me. Dad is such a great motivator and always wants me to do my best! Im so happy to have him for my runnin partner. This is at the finish line waitin for mom.
really happy to be sitting down right now. My stomach cramped at the end and i was in a ball the whole rest of the day, Thank goodness for hot tubs.
Overall, it was a great race. Dad and i ran together until about mile 15. I started having back pain and decided...i just really want to finish fast so i can sit down. Dad got a sip of water and we never re-connected..until the finish. Then we ate popsicles and hobbled back to our family.
Next up, Boston marathon in April!