Wednesday, May 27, 2009

copy cat

Steph and I givin a high five for our tshirts this year.

I took this straight from sisters blog but i couldn't have said it better myself. I love this girl. I look forward to kickin butt in the wasatch back ALL for her...

One of my favorite experiences from last June was the Wasatch Back race that I ran with my family and several great friends.
This year's team will be running in honor of our tough and unstoppable teammate from last year, Stephanie, who won't be able to run this year, but is planning on next year!! (Along with her hubby, Christian)
I am so thankful for Stephanie's example to all of us of facing adversity.. getting up every morning to a challenging situation, facing it and moving forward. She is truly inspiring and I thank her for helping me put things into perspective and teaching me how to gracefully deal with the challenges, oppositions and life changing events that have and will come my way.
"When it is dark enough, you can then see the stars"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A few weeks ago, my mother in law took all us gals (Tysons cute sisters) to Seattle for a weekend of fun, shopping, and relaxing. Pretty sure we did all those things...and then some. We ate ALOT too. I have the best inlaws in the world. Im totally convinced i do! They are all so fun, quirky and super sweet. (wipe tear). Thanks LUann for a wonderful weekend! Love you guys.
Gorgeous Lake Washington
WE stayed at a hotel right on the water. It was so pretty to wake up to that each morning.
NIkki, Erica, me, Luann, Kylee and Courtney.
More pics to come (i need more pics girls!)

Monday, May 18, 2009 weekend was a success. I had a blast hangin with my wonderful, quirky and seriously fun sister-in-laws and mother in law. Man, it was nice to get away and Seattle was rain!! More pics to come (i need pics emailed to me ladies).
As for business, i was devasted to hear that Owen's awesome preschool teacher is not teaching in the fall. Owen doens't know yet, i don't want to break his i need some ideas to put a smile on his face after the bad news. Any preschools in the area by kiwanas park? I will do out of the home, or even at a high school?? Do they do that anymore? C'mon, i need ideas fast so that i can get him in somewhere!
Take a look at the pic above...melt your heart right? How wouldn't want this bundle of joy?
Let me know guys!
Ps- dog bite is healing nicely...i don't think i have rabies so i will save the 2,000 i never had and skip the shots and keep on treckin'.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thanks for all your worried thoughts. ha. Im going to be just fine peeps. Its no biggie. Im headin down to the health department today for a nice tetanus shot so things will be a-ok. Someday ill have a cool scar to show ya'll!!
As far as the dog is concerned...never found the dog...but my mom made flyers (that have gotten many laughs apparently) from my family and others. It is all SO dramatic. :)
Life goes on and im heading to seattle with my rad inlaw's for the weekend for a little rest, shopping and girl business.
Ps-i hate the word "inlaw", so im going to use a different

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Its of my worst fears has come true.
I got attacked by a dog while running.
Running the Y... and that yellow dog looked me right in the eyes.
I passed him and he jumped on my side..and got a hold of my meaty love handle.
I have a nice gash.
The bad news is....
I don't know the dog, the owner, or any immunization information on the dog...
I know the odds are low, but i don't want rabies.
So here is what i am looking for....
a teenage girl, who had glasses, who was walking a medium sized yellow-lab like looking dog on the lower part of the Y trail. The girl had a few small children with her (im guessing she was babysitting) around 4:45pm yesterday.
Any info would help.
But until then..stay away :) i don't want to spread my rabies onto you.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Let me tell you...

about THIS kid.
He is 16 months and is quite the handful.
Likes to un-sort my sorted/folded laundry and put on his brothers underwear (just to bug him)
He has a goose-egg or battle wound on his head at all times from falling on the sidewalk or off the trampoline...
(I promise, im not a bad mother...i DO keep an eye on him)
Gets into my fridge and naws on all my string cheese. It looks as though a mouse lives in there.
LOVES sugar in all forms
Has a gap the size of texas between his 2 front teeth
Is obsessed with ducks and quacks 24 hours a day.
He is seriously entertaining!