Tuesday, April 12, 2011

one of those days

I know this is nothing new but it has been so fun watching Owen play baseball this year....and he has caught on quite nice if i can say so myself. He looks forward to each game. Here is a little video for the grandparents of course who can't make it to the games. are you proud? :-)

In other news...
We had "one of those days" last week where i didn't get out of my workout clothes, we ate strawberries and grapes till our hearts content and we laid in bed and read books till we all fell asleep (it actually wasn't that glorious..but i was dying for a nap so a little bribe worked and we slept for hours).

I am trying to soak up all the time i can with life as it is with my boys. I will miss days when it is just the 3 of us hanging out together at home, although i am excited beyond belief to add another child to the family. The boys have been obsessed with the belly and tell me to eat less treats because im "getting fat". Gotta love em.

I just returned home from a little girls weekend with the Mackay girls to St George where we relaxed, played games and laughed until my braxton hicks contractions actually started to hurt! I had such a good time with them.

I also discovered this weekend i have I-15 on my left leg in the form of a vein. Baby must be relaxing on a nerve. Good times.

We went home to Ut County last week to sell our home and see family. On our way back we stopped in st George for a doctors appointment and swam and played in the sun!

I hope this update was a good one for the family (ive been instructed to post more and i feel like im improving :o)).

More to come...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

miss this...

(This picture was taken last summer and makes me want to cry...for a number of reasons)-

1. It is taken at our first home in my hometown of Provo, Utah...sad because we just sold it last week and i have been emotional about the whole thing.
2. My garden is so green and flourishing! I miss my garden....here in Vegas i have 4 jars in my kitchen window with herbs planted. that is all...the afternoon sun is too strong for anything to flourish (so i have heard...i may try to prove them wrong.)
3. Im hungary and baked squash with brown sugar sounds Delish right now but NO way ill pay 4 bucks for 1 right now.
4. Owen and Reg loved to help take care of our yard & garden. I loved that it taught them with patience, everything grows!
5. I miss my neighborhood and letting the kids ride bikes in the road with the neighborhood kids all day long shirtless.

Side note- we really do LOVE where we are now, its just hard to let go of such a great chapter in life and start a completely different one...know what i mean?
We are very happy and love our new friends and park days and preschool and walks and picnics and sunshine and beautiful mountains near. Things are good but would totally be better with a garden :)