Tuesday, January 27, 2009

never too late...

To learn.
Did i mention how much i LOVE school?!
Well, i do!!
My classes are finding me with my jaw wide open and bug eyed. I am learning some pretty darn cool stuff.
I just returned form my environmental health class where we learned about all sorts of toxins.
Don't worry, i won't get all "environmental" on you. I still drink out of plastic water bottles.
FYI; don't eat apple seeds.

So my classes are as followed-
Anatomy. I actually really like it. Its hard. It takes alot of time. But i LOVE learning about our bodies. I take this one on-line so my kids can jump all over me while i learn about my muscles.

Nutrition in the food industry.
Did you know that government have been reviewing a bill to have restaraunts put all the nutritional value of the foods they serve on menus.
Genious! Love the idea. Also, online class.

Epidemiology. I get to learn all about diseases and how they happen and how they effect the body. I would like to be epidemiologist someday. its really cool stuff.

Environmental Health.
Its super interesting and is going to make me super anal at the same time. Toxins are all around us. its scary, but hey...we can't live life in fear right?

Friday, January 16, 2009


My little Reg man turned 1 this week. I am depressed because people ( i wont name names) are asking the question, "so when are you going to have another one?" (ps- Reg was ticked about getting his fingers dirty with frosting. heaven forbid. He must not be MY son).
"I like my family right now with my 2 boys. Chill out peeps!" I say!
And then i go back to enjoying this little rugrat and his new sparkly toys.
happy birthday buddy.
The End.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ive been MIA lately...reasons being-
I started up school again.
I am going to graduate in health and fulfill what i have wanted to do since the prime age of 12.
I want to teach my family how to be healthy.
I want to teach others how to be healthy.
I want to be healthy too.
I want my kids to know how important learning is and to NEVER stop.
I LOVE school.
I will be busy as a bee balancing all my titles;
YW leader
& now student.
BUt i do know most importantly is being a mom.
My boys know i am learning for them.

Ps- Our little Reg man turns 1 tomorrow.
I will be making a nice coconut cake because he loves white fluffy snow.
More to come after a rest, homework and building block castles.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nothing cures those winter blues and flu bugs like a little sleddin. We were able to scoop up all the energy we could so that Owen could have a little fun yesterday...since mom and dad have been sick and boring. Well worth it!
Truth be told, Reggie had the most fun. I've never seen anyone so facinated with snow
"Lets wace(race) mom"

Monday, January 5, 2009


Today we are sick with the flu....

The boys are sleeping and i am wishing i lived in a warm climate right now.

Winter stinks.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Brought-

A new comfy couch to enjoy long nights of lounging together as a fam.

new cook books and apron...hint to me apparently. :)
plastic musical toys for some stimulation
Brotherly love on Christmas morning
Fear of santa
"please bring me a bike, more legos and a gun".
good food and a lovely new years eve watching music videos on demand, cartoons and silly faces until midnight with my little family.