Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Justin" Beavers

Does this picture make anyone else smile as big as it does me?? Owen has been growing up before my eyes and finally started little league. We are uniforms and all...not that little city baseball stuff...this is the big leagues folks. I mean games twice a week and practice once a week! Hello!! Im officially a baseball mom who can't miss one practice or game and watches with my sunflower seeds in tow. It is SO fun to watch him and his favorite position is "hitting". The best about this whole ordeal is that his team name is the beavers and he tells everyone he plays for the "Justin Beavers". Love him.
Game face= check. Enlarged hat that smoosh his ears like doopy= check.
Another great thing is most of this group of boys is they are all in the neighborhood/ward...makes for a fun and social activity for mom too.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lady Luck

So i have been Lucky enough to meet some awesome gals here in LV who love running as much as me and who have lovingly invited me on some fun runs, swimming and frozen yogurt stops. I took on the challenge of putting together a Lake to Lake relay team in St George (Gunlock to Sand Hollow) and of course these girls were on it!! I knew i would be 6 months preg but luckily i was able to run my 2 legs without peeing my pants and pain-free (that night was another story though:O)) However we managed to finish 7th in the womens division!! Speaking of luck...our team name was "Lady Luck" even though i wasn't lucky enough to fit into my team tanktop...but none the less, i feel like one lucky girl who had herself a super good time!!
(me, Jenn, Denise, Alison & Jeanine).