Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring Fever...

Is anyone else feeling it?
im itchin to...
Go Hiking, plant my veggies in my garden, spring clean my house and garage, take my boys to the park, run outside, get some sun kissed cheeks and shop for some new fun spring clothes.
But not until it snows a couple more times. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


went like this...
7am- woke up, went to gym, came home just in time to kiss Tyson goodbye for the day.
8am-9amish- breakfast time, changed stinky diapers, and layered Owen because "mom im freezing" he says.
10am- head to target and pick up a few essentials. (ya know, baby shower gift, birthday gift, chocolate...what nots). "mom, im still cold." Owen says.
11am- put down Reg-man for a quick snooze and play disney games with Owen (who by the way is STILL cold).
Noon- wake up a sleepy baby and head to my presidency meeting with 2 of the most amazing women on earth (yep, its true...i love them). Reggie talked gibberish through the back door window at their dog while Owen laid on my lap because...he was cold. (remember how warm today was? I am starting to think something is wrong with the poor man).
1:30ish- I finally get home, we eat lunch and Owen is STILL cold. He is sweating. His temp is 101.9. We go lay down in my bed while watching tarzan. "mom, will you rub my forehead, it hurts." Owen is asleep within minutes.
between 3 and 3:30 there are always much appreciated knocks at the door as school is just getting out and playful kids are looking for some owen action. Sadly i turn them all away. Why isn't anyone coming over to play with me? hello. im fun too.
4pm- I welcome Tyson home with a kiss as i head out the door to school. Owen sleeps and Reggie sleeps.
8pm- Home from school after a quick stop at a baby shower on the way. Boys are asleep for the night. I kiss Tyson goodbye...again....while he goes off to play basketball.
Now i can finally think about things and hope my little Owen is feeling better as he dreams. I can think about how i saw Tyson 3 times today for split seconds at a time but love those split seconds. I can think about how life is great right now and i feel so fortunate to have family, education, and peace everyday.
It was a good day. (minus owen's cold-ness)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today i choose to do the following:
- NOT clean my house
- Let the boys run around nakey instead of chasing them with their clothes
-Make smoothies for lunch and let it drip down their cute white bellies
- Enjoy being a mommy and take in all the blessings of it.

Have a great day:)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sweet 16

For those of you who played high school ball with me, you know what i am talking about....right?
The dreaded 16 lines we had to run (under a minute mind you) when punished for missing a lay-up or goofing off in practice. Let me tell you, i remember the pain and the "wanting to throw up feeling from breathing too hard" feeling. Well why not relive that right?
Saturday we took the boys to the church and let them run free and get rid of their stored up energy while Ty and I shot around. I decided i would try my "sweet 16" just to see if i had still had the legs for it. Ty timed me with my phone and all those feelings came back. The jello legs, the wanting to throw up feeling...all of it. But i actually loved it. I felt tough for that one minute and ty loved watching the wind blow through my hair :)
Decision was made to come back to the gym every year and see if i can still do it.
anywho, thought i would share my goal. yeah for goals!