Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wishing you all a VeRy mErrY ChRisTmAs! Hope your holidays are filled with fun!
Love, aLL of Us...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I got to play a "has-been" the other night after a friend of mine asked me to play in the alumni basketball game. We played the varsity girls. I realized how much i miss basketball. city league will never match up to the excitment high school ball brought me. Here is our alumni team or in other words "the has-beens" as the announcer liked to call us.

"Go oldies!"

Checkin out our winning award! Yes, we beat the varsity girls by 1 point at the buzzer.

Me, Melissa and Mindy. My team-mates from day 1. I miss playing with them. I felt like a high-schooler again. I thought life couldn't get better but then i looked up in the bleachers and saw my mom, husband and 2 boys and thought "life has been good to me!"
Live on THS basketball, live on!

Friday, December 12, 2008

So i try to stay away from the Clique type blogging. Which means, i have a hard time coming up with cool, original ideas on what to blog about. I stay away from "baby blow-outs in the diaper", "how awesome and hot my husband is and how he is THE BEST husband in the world," the "midnight showing of opening twigh-light night" (mostly because i didn't see the movie...and (gasp) i have not read the books), or My childs percentiles at his latest dr appointment. I guess i feel like readers of my blog (all 10 of you maybe) don't really care about that stuff. I have tried to stay away from making this a journal type thing because i like to write in the comfort of my own bed on a piece of paper out of a book (like the old fashioned way).
But dude, sometimes there is a time to post a bragging post and so here it goes. This is totally blog-worthy....

We received a knock on our door yesterday at 8am. I was stirring pancake batter still in workout clothes with a sweaty headband covering my forehead of pimples ( i swear i already graduated high school...why is this still happeneing?). Anywho, it was a pleasant nice lady with a letter in her hand. I will paraphrase;

Dear Tyson and Lindsey Mackay,
You have been nominated for the best "festive light display" in the foothill area. Please come to the city council meeting and recieve an award and a token of appreciation.

Then the nice lady beaming says, "you also get to shake hands with the mayor."
You can understand how excited Tyson was about this. He puts alot of time and energy into his beloved Christmas lights. In fact, i thought to get his attention i would wrap myself in lights so he actually talks to me between the hours of 5:45pm and 9:30pm.
Tyson took the letter to school (probably for show and tell or something) and then to work. We are excited to go the meeting and recieve our award!! Dad will be there video camera and all!

That is totally blog worthy right?
Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I like these guys...
Im one lucky gal.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


SO basically since the day i was born, i wanted to be like my sister. She was so cool. In junior high her and her friends would lock themselves up in her room and laugh and video each other singing and dancing...and i was outside that door listening. I watched her get ready for prom and admired how pretty she was and wished i could wear a white, sparkley, sequenc-y, shoulder padded prom dress myself. I remember mostly everything about her life. its funny, because i think i remember more about her high school stuff than mine. I always snuck into her room before school while she was sleeping so that i could wear something out of her closet without her knowing. I felt just as cool as her clothes. We used to have sunday night journal writing night. We would go up in her room, write in our journals and listen to fm100. I looked forward to that night every week. When i was a little older, she would bring me on dates with her and i would meet her boyfriends and we would become a 3-some. I would go everywhere with her....and her boyfriends. I was on cloud 9. She would dress me up, do my makeup and make me model while she took pictures of me. My point is, till this day, i have always looked up to my sister. She is so talented all around. She really is my best friend and i am so happy we live so close to one another and have each other to talk to daily.
Haley got some fun news this past week...she is going to have TWINS in June. Haley is the best mom in the world...really, she is. She is patient, fun loving and committed to her kids no matter what. I have called her numerous times crying because i feel like a failure of a mom sometimes (like we all do at some point..i think). She always gives me the best advice. I look up to her more than i ever have growing up. She has so many good ideas and activities she does with her kids and i always copy her ideas. What kind of sister doesn't share right??
This Christmas she has made a chain and attatched a Christmas activity to do daily with her kids. She is also reading them a scripture each day to go along with Christmas. This is yet another idea i am stealing from her.
The list includes,
making christmas cookies, seeing the candy windows, temple square, visiting a neighbor with a treat, making hot choco and popcorn, watching a chrismas movie, reading a chrismas book, visiting relatives we never see, 12 days of christmas....
I know my sister would do anything for me and my kids and i hope she knows i would do anything for her and her kids. They are like mine.
Thanks sister for letting me admire you and for sharing all your ideas with me. When those 2 little babies come i will be there to take over your spot as super mom whenever you need me.
i love you.

Friday, November 28, 2008

I know...right?

I am not a sew-er but i may be now! My friend Rian and i have slaved over the machine and tracked through smashed up fishy crackers for days! Its been fun...and i cant wait to start a new project.
I really like the randomness of my stockings and am thrilled!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In the midst...

of making some freakin cute Christmas stockings! More to come on that shortly...
stay tuned. you won't want to miss out.

Not much going on at our house...just getting siked for Thanksgiving. I'll be making my grandma's famous "yam soufle" that contains about 3 sticks of butter. Totally worth the calories. I will just need to work my booty off in spin this week.

Reg man and O are keeping me busy. Reg is walking all over town and bonking his head at every turn. O is reciting his alphabet song 24/7 and proud as can be about learning new letters in pre-school.

Christmas shopping is coming to a close for me. Im too impatient to wait till the last minute..or December for that reason. I hate therefore, i get it done early. The Christmas tree is about to go up and i need some ideas for cute home-made ornaments. Suggestions welcome!

But seriously, some dang cute stockings coming your way!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

lighting ceremony

As you may recall, my husband is very much into Christmas. The season, the parties, the festivities...and THE LIGHTS. This year was our

Neighbors gathered, drank hot choco, ate marshmallows till there mouths were sticky and helped us start the Christmas season with a bang
the countdown begins from 10,9,8...wait for it, wait for it.

and...Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh.
Tyson worked so hard and this picture doesn't even do it justice.
Merry Christmas Season to all!
ps- we do LOVE and give ALL our thanks for thanksgiving...but we do like to start xmas early around here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

tradition continued

Another tradition my mom always has done with us kids is something i want to pass on with my family. We always used to read a Christmas story on Christmas Eve. I loved doing this.
This year, i am going to pick up this little treasure and read it to my family.
I feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Im already getting ideas for Christmas...
Seeing that Tyson is well into putting up his lights.
This one for sure will be a new tradition for us...

Hang up random socks for a countdown for Christmas and put a little surprise in them each day for kiddos to take out.

cute eh?

More tradition ideas to come.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A few things on my mind lately.

Have you ever been to a craft store and felt WAY overwhelmed? Holy smokes people...i used to go, pick up some cute 10 cent paper, a few stickers and be on way with confidence. Now-a-days there is just way too much to think about. AND paper is up to $1.99. What? I entered the land of stamps, stencils and de-cals today and left totally confused on what to do. But you know, i personally like the simple look. For me, who called myself a scrapbooker back in the day...until our basement flooded and ruined years of hard work...i now look forward to throwing my pictures in a photo album and feel good about using my sisters talent (she makes cute invites...but don't hit her up, she's totally busy).


another thing i realized while on my run today was that results come you least expect them. Let me explain. I started running when i was in 8th grade. I loved conditioning in basketball practice, i loved hershey track meets, i used to run home from high school. I ran my first marathon the year after i graduated high school and pretty much every year since then. Since i want to keep running when im 60, or walk for that matter, i figured i better save my knees now and do something a little less body grueling. I started doing sprints, running the stadium stairs, spin class and weight lifting. I finally feel like i am challenging myself and really like it. If any of ya out there feel like running gets too tedious, try mixing it up. Shocking your body is a great way to get results and get your heart really pumpin. And who knows, maybe i will run a marathon here and there, but for now, i like the 3 quick miles so i can get home and kiss my babies all day.

Another thing...

Getting up early is becomming more and more easy but staying up past 8:00 pm is getting harder and harder. Is the dark getting to anyone else?

I normally don't do this...ramble on about random things so feel free to skip this whole thing but..hey, sometimes i like to share whats on my mind. and BRITTA, here is a hair picture just for you. Its a little longer now and more mullety but i like it.

The end.

Monday, November 3, 2008

last half of october

We FORCED Owen (aka- captain hook. minus the hook...O is very particular) to go trick or treating this year. Grandma Luann and Grandpa Bart came to ease the pain. Lets just say, we made it to about 5 houses, then he wanted to get home and GIVE candy to trick or treaters. He hates stress and apparently trick or treating was too much for the little man.
To celebrate halloween festivities we carved pumkins and made witches brew at grandma leslee's and grandpa Daves house.

A little concern was had when Owen thought he had to drink witches blood (cherry 7-up) and eat eyeballs (ice cubes with blueberries in them). He warmed up to the idea and enjoyed it.

For preschool Owen went with his class to the pumpkin patch...along with ALL other preschools in utah county that day. I went to help out and got yelled at by some lady who thought Reggie should have been wearing socks. (it was 70 degrees that day). She didn't hide rolling eyes at me and accusing me of being a neglectful mother. I didn't buy it. I think im a good mom. :)

Owen has many neighborhood buddies and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are so dang cute. The other day, they all wanted to dress up pre-halloween and practice trick or they did. Here is Owen and little Alec (together these boys are trouble i tell ya!) dressed up as super heroes.

And here is the rest of the gang...some of them at least... jumpin on our community trampoline. Let me tell you, there is always someone jumping and always games to be played. Such a fun neighborhood to grow up in!

Monday, October 27, 2008

look who...

took his first few steps this weekend. More like shuffles, but hey its going down in the book! way to go Reg man.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Then there was our girls trip to St George. Nothin like eating olive garden at our leisure, readin celeb gossip, seein 2 movies in one night (I highly recommend both "the duchess" & "ghost town"), spending 3 hours in target and bein front row at my favorite musical "le miserable". jean valjean stole my heart.

Monday, October 20, 2008

October Madness

October has been busy to say the least. It started off with a couples weekend to park city with the mackays. I may have to get a job to pay for the damage that was done on my wallet at the outlets. Reg and cousin caitlyn came along and enjoyed sink baths.
Then there was Owens 3rd birthday. what a big kid. Brick Oven, Jumpin Jacks, and a carmeled apple birthday party were in order for the big O man.
We had a flu bug that went through everyone and their dog.
We took a hayride and picked out pumpkins with my fam.
Warners though an awesome halloween bash with a haunted house and all. Tyson dressed up like my dad and i of course was my mom.

To be continued...

Tyson (aka- papa Dave) at the warners halloween bash

BYU parade. a freezing cold morn!

Owen enjoyin an apple at his part-A with cheerleader Millie

owen and xander at brick oven on his bday.

Reg and caitlyn in their sink baths!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Im off to St George for the weekend with big sister and mother to see Les Mis. Kass- i wish you would come. You have 24 hours to decide...come. do it!
upon my return you will recieve an awesome ginormous out of control october post on all my activities ive been embarking on lately. So for all my fans out there (all 3 of you) stay tuned.
Later skaters!

ps- did i mention i have a 3 year old on my hands? we love october.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

please come

all invited and you are sure to have a good time!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So if i could afford to throw a party for every holiday, i would. I LOVE making a big shin dig festive. Here are some things that have inspired me for Owens birthday shindig.
its fun to say the word "shindig" and its also fun to have birthdays close to holidays! Yeah for Owen turning 3.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...i find myself super "churchy" these days and loving it. Let me just say how overwhelming-ly loving members of the church are when asked to serve. Mormons are powerful. Its like superman and all his side kicks in one releif society room at once! For example, a friend of mine in the ward decided to throw together a service project for "nienie" last minute. That didn't stop anyone from donating! We had bins and bins full of items for her family and people dropping off boxes on our doorsteps. I currently have a car full of goods and it gets me all emotional everytime i jump in the car. My ward is awesome, amazing, thoughtful and loving! I have made the best of friends in my ward. No kiddin. I love them and i love them even more for loving my rambunctious kids. (which by the way have been melting my heart lately). You all know who you are and i love you! I always dreamed of the kind of neighborhood i could sit on my porch and have conversations with the next door neighbor. Or, look out my window and see a street full of kids riding bikes, playing catch and jumping on trampolines. Im so blessed to be apart of that kind of neighborhood i dreamed about having my kids grow up in. I adore it. I adore all the old charming houses, the trees that shade the street sometimes and of course the people most.
Anywho, becuase i have been so churchy lately, my cute cousin Tiff sent me a link to print off general conference packets for kids. SO cute and SO smart. Maybe i will able to watch conference this time! I will try and figure out how to put it on here, but in the meantime, you can email me if you are interested.
Happy conference watching this weekend.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't be jealous...

Or i guess you can be jealous...because i was able to attend the "So you think you can dance" concert last night with my sister in law Nikki. We were the biggest fans there... Don't worry, we're not 13. It was awesome. Best concert ever! I was smitten by all the dancers. Too bad i can't bust moves like them. I would probably pull a muscle!
Thanks Nik for the memories. Its definately journal worthy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I am: IT... again!
I have: 2 free hours while Owen is at pre-school.
I had no idea: "baby mama" was the funniest movie of all time. seriously. go rent it.

I Am: sleepy
I Think: i am good at making friends.

I Know: that my heavenly father knows me personally.

I Want: a swimming pool
I Have: a tummy ache
I Dislike: flying

I Miss: being a child, having free time, playing night games, high school friends, paying no bills.

I Fear: losing my family.
I Feel: loved
I Smell: my sage candle burning (actually smells like cologne).
I Crave: Sugar.

I Cry: lately when i see a picture of stephanie nielson.
I Usually: go to costco on monday's.

I Search: for reggies binki's all day.
I Wonder: what my next baby will be. (no, im not preg).
I Regret: kissing so many boys that weren't Tyson

I Love: a clean, good smelling house.

I Care: about my hair way too much.
I Always: make sure to tell my boys how much i love them everyday.
I Worry: about everything!
I Am Not: good at math or science.

I Remember: people's faces really well.
I Believe: everyones birthday should be celebrated highly!
I Dance: to make tyson laugh.
I Sing: to make owen laugh.
I Don't Always: read my scriptures.
I Argue: hardly ever.

I Write: to keep my brain working.
I Win: races sometimes.

I Lose: my phone and keys way too much.

I Wish: it were summer all year round.

I Listen: to the spirit.
I Don't Understand: politics.

I Can Usually Be Found: at target, running around provo, my parents house, home.
I Am Scared: of guns, war, and people breaking into my house at night.
I Need: a good massage
I Forget: to water my garden.

I Am Happy

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So im always told, "change is good." Well, i have a hard time with change. I am happy with my little life. I don't want anyone to grow up or grow older. I don't want to change friends and I don't want my daily routine to change.
Owen started preschool last week. He is getting so big and growing up so fast but learning so much everyday.
Reggie is starting to let go of objects he stands up to. I don't want him to walk. My little baby is getting so big, yet is a major mama's boy and i love that about him.
I got released from being a primary teacher. I was so sad. I miss my little 4 year olds!
Then i got a new calling as young womens 2nd counselor. Today was my first day in Ym's and today...i am ok with change. i love those girls already.
So sometimes..change is good.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

wasatch back video

Remember in june when we did the wasatch back? Well this is a smaller vid my talented dad made in honor of steph and christian. I cried when i watched it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cali-part 2

I know it can be very 'clique' to share disneyland photos over the blog, but hey, its what we did and what we love folks. Chip was a trooper even though Owen wasn't so much. A minor set back happened this day- Owen got a little heat stroke and threw up all over the sidewalk seconds before the parade started. His face is classic here.
me- "look owen, its chip, lets take a pal!"
Owen- "i don't want to. my tummy hurts."
The crew awaiting the California adventure parade. Ps- please check out the disneyland soundtrack, its the best.

Owen felt better and hit pretty much every ride...probable twice. there were NO lines. and we had "trip activities director" Aaron to guide us every step of the way. No minutes wasted.

Tyson and I even got to celebrate our 4th Anniversary in disneyland. Truly magical people! Truly magical!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cali-part 1

Va-ca-tion; a period of suspence of work, study, or other activity. Usually used for rest, recreation or travel- a freedom of release from duty.

Traveling with 2 tired kids, 17 suitcases, 2 strollers, 2 carseats, 8 shuttle bus rides, 2 airplane rides, 8 days of no naps= priceless.
Our first few days were spent at the beach- dana point and crystal cove
my kids were made to live by the ocean, as was I.

our trip to the newport templeand visiting the fishes in our hotels pond.
stay tuned for more...