Wednesday, July 18, 2012

summer in LV..and a trip to Utah in between

 Over the 4th, we spent plenty of time in Utah...noone does the 4th like provo! We got pipers ears pierced over the break since she has been known to be called a boy. what?
 I ran the Utah Valley marathon in June with my dad and ran into my inspiration as a runner, Danielle! I was able to PR with a time of 3:15 which took a toll on my knee and im STILL trying to recover.
 I don't know if you have heard but LV is HOT during the mornings are a good time for us to get out for the day...we took a hike up redrock and the boys loved it of course.
 and if you haven't heard it hardly EVER rains in LV either, except this day, so we took a walk to the store to get a donut in the rain and it felt g.r.e.a.t!
 4th of July stadium of FIRE! Tyson was there too...somewhere.
 bridalveil falls...
 The childrens parade....piper should have been the grand marshall. just sayin. :-)
 Science experiments with friends keep the minds a workin. and wall ball keeps their arms a workin.
GOod times so far this summer.  More on the agenda is yet another trip to Utah, then off to McCall Id to play with Tysons family in the lake for 4 days.  After that adventure, we will spend some time in Zions with my family. Busy is my favorite thing to be!