Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wishing you all a VeRy mErrY ChRisTmAs! Hope your holidays are filled with fun!
Love, aLL of Us...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I got to play a "has-been" the other night after a friend of mine asked me to play in the alumni basketball game. We played the varsity girls. I realized how much i miss basketball. city league will never match up to the excitment high school ball brought me. Here is our alumni team or in other words "the has-beens" as the announcer liked to call us.

"Go oldies!"

Checkin out our winning award! Yes, we beat the varsity girls by 1 point at the buzzer.

Me, Melissa and Mindy. My team-mates from day 1. I miss playing with them. I felt like a high-schooler again. I thought life couldn't get better but then i looked up in the bleachers and saw my mom, husband and 2 boys and thought "life has been good to me!"
Live on THS basketball, live on!

Friday, December 12, 2008

So i try to stay away from the Clique type blogging. Which means, i have a hard time coming up with cool, original ideas on what to blog about. I stay away from "baby blow-outs in the diaper", "how awesome and hot my husband is and how he is THE BEST husband in the world," the "midnight showing of opening twigh-light night" (mostly because i didn't see the movie...and (gasp) i have not read the books), or My childs percentiles at his latest dr appointment. I guess i feel like readers of my blog (all 10 of you maybe) don't really care about that stuff. I have tried to stay away from making this a journal type thing because i like to write in the comfort of my own bed on a piece of paper out of a book (like the old fashioned way).
But dude, sometimes there is a time to post a bragging post and so here it goes. This is totally blog-worthy....

We received a knock on our door yesterday at 8am. I was stirring pancake batter still in workout clothes with a sweaty headband covering my forehead of pimples ( i swear i already graduated high school...why is this still happeneing?). Anywho, it was a pleasant nice lady with a letter in her hand. I will paraphrase;

Dear Tyson and Lindsey Mackay,
You have been nominated for the best "festive light display" in the foothill area. Please come to the city council meeting and recieve an award and a token of appreciation.

Then the nice lady beaming says, "you also get to shake hands with the mayor."
You can understand how excited Tyson was about this. He puts alot of time and energy into his beloved Christmas lights. In fact, i thought to get his attention i would wrap myself in lights so he actually talks to me between the hours of 5:45pm and 9:30pm.
Tyson took the letter to school (probably for show and tell or something) and then to work. We are excited to go the meeting and recieve our award!! Dad will be there video camera and all!

That is totally blog worthy right?
Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I like these guys...
Im one lucky gal.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


SO basically since the day i was born, i wanted to be like my sister. She was so cool. In junior high her and her friends would lock themselves up in her room and laugh and video each other singing and dancing...and i was outside that door listening. I watched her get ready for prom and admired how pretty she was and wished i could wear a white, sparkley, sequenc-y, shoulder padded prom dress myself. I remember mostly everything about her life. its funny, because i think i remember more about her high school stuff than mine. I always snuck into her room before school while she was sleeping so that i could wear something out of her closet without her knowing. I felt just as cool as her clothes. We used to have sunday night journal writing night. We would go up in her room, write in our journals and listen to fm100. I looked forward to that night every week. When i was a little older, she would bring me on dates with her and i would meet her boyfriends and we would become a 3-some. I would go everywhere with her....and her boyfriends. I was on cloud 9. She would dress me up, do my makeup and make me model while she took pictures of me. My point is, till this day, i have always looked up to my sister. She is so talented all around. She really is my best friend and i am so happy we live so close to one another and have each other to talk to daily.
Haley got some fun news this past week...she is going to have TWINS in June. Haley is the best mom in the world...really, she is. She is patient, fun loving and committed to her kids no matter what. I have called her numerous times crying because i feel like a failure of a mom sometimes (like we all do at some point..i think). She always gives me the best advice. I look up to her more than i ever have growing up. She has so many good ideas and activities she does with her kids and i always copy her ideas. What kind of sister doesn't share right??
This Christmas she has made a chain and attatched a Christmas activity to do daily with her kids. She is also reading them a scripture each day to go along with Christmas. This is yet another idea i am stealing from her.
The list includes,
making christmas cookies, seeing the candy windows, temple square, visiting a neighbor with a treat, making hot choco and popcorn, watching a chrismas movie, reading a chrismas book, visiting relatives we never see, 12 days of christmas....
I know my sister would do anything for me and my kids and i hope she knows i would do anything for her and her kids. They are like mine.
Thanks sister for letting me admire you and for sharing all your ideas with me. When those 2 little babies come i will be there to take over your spot as super mom whenever you need me.
i love you.