Monday, October 29, 2007


Husband is out of town and here is what i have on my plate-

1- a 2 year old (that i LOVE)
2- a baby that kicks my bladder 20 bagillion times a day (that i LOVE)
3- a 10 page research paper due
4- a test in womens health
5- a test in medical terminology
6- a holiday that consists of a late night + sugar + scary costumes = most likely a sleepless night
7- a messy laundry room that needs tile, carpet and well....TLC.
8- a busy week minus the gym...unless any of you kind soals would like to babysit? :)
9- a thursday of watching "the office'' by my lonesome
10- a week of possibly no blogging. Sorry.

Note- Husband is off working hard in LA and i must face my motherly duties.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

On my mind

How in love are you with this picture...let alone, the couple?! Well i am proud to say, these are my parents. I have been thinking much about parenting lately and skills i have learned through example and through school. I am so happy and blessed to have good parents who taught me good things. In my psychology class today we talked about parenting and how much impact they have on their kids and their kids and so on...If i can learn ONE thing in my lifetime, i hope it is how be like my mom and dad.....a great parent to my children.

P.S. If you havent read the book "tuesdays with Morrie" you must. I read it for a class and fell in love with all the life lessons.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A few for fun...

Thanks for my wonderful sister, we got some great pics. Happy fall.

Friday, October 19, 2007

feeling HUGE

So, i am in need of some positive re-enforcement. While at the gym yesterday i saw this cute little pregnant girl who from behind you couldn't tell she was pregnant. I am guessing she was about 6 or 7 months. ALL BELLY. I left depressed, as i am NOT ALL BELLY. 2nd time around my hips got wider, waist got thicker, butt feels larger and yes there is definately a belly there as well. I feel much different this time around. I spend many hours in the gym each week, eat very healthy (besides a few treat splurges once a while) and still don't feel like a "glowing pregnant woman". Who else felt this way with the 2nd? Its crazy. HEnce, the NO picture blog. Maybe next time.....

Sunday, October 14, 2007


O-man is the big 2 today. We celebrated this weekend which seemed like endless activities!
Pumpkin land (part 2), Bean museum to see the animals, book store to pick out new book, pizza buffet and the party. HOly Cow.....

Here you see the "bug" cake that Owen specifically asked for. "what do you want on your birthday cake" asked mom. "Bugs!" responds Owen.

Mr. tough guy with his birthday cake. The conversation was like this during the picture above, "Don't poke at your bug cake, you have to wait until your party starts and blow out your candles". Owen pouts and i take a picture.

Skinny me (Oh HeaVens!) and Owen biting into something filled with sugar.

His favorite gift- Moon Boots. He sleeps, eats, and play in these bad boys.

Cute cousins; Will (injured as always and also Owens prodigy), Cole and O.

ANd don't think the party ended saturday went well into the next day when he had to eat pancakes for breakfast with a candle in them to blow out. Once again, Happy birthday Owen!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

So thanks for all the advice with my little monster. I promise he isn't out of control...just a little energetic at night time. Maybe its because Owen and I share a little bowl of cereal before bed and he eats all the marshmallows out of my marshmallow maties! Speaking of, i made caramel apples the other night and of course Owen licked the caramel off and ditched the apple part. Which brings me to my next question....
HOw do you get your kiddies to eat healthy foods? He won't eat anything! Veggies are out of the question, fruit on a occasion, noodles...heck no. what to do?

Monday, October 8, 2007

A journey...

TO PuMpKiN lAnD...

This weekend we braved the rain and headed to pumkin land. Cutest place! OWen and his cousin Xander had the best of times! They are great buddies!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


So i have 2 goals before baby #2 gets here...

1- Get Owen to sleep at a decent hour in HIS OWN bed and to STAY in his bed all night long.
2- Potty training (big sigh)

SO i need advice. How many of your 2 year olds out there are on a regular sleep pattern? Are we completely weak parents? Here is the backround.... Little stinker is bouncing off the walls until... mmmmm 10pm. Finally he mellows out, which is then followed by 1 hour AT LEAST of trying to get him to GO TO SLEEP. We rock, lay with him, read stories, name it. 1 hour!!!
PS. This event also occurs at nap time EVERYDAY. (and to those who may say he might be done with the whole nap thing...TOO bad. That time is my saving grace so im not ready for him to be done).
Needless to say, i am not going to be entertaining a newborn and a 2 year old at 4am. HELP, i need advice!

2nd-ly, any potty training Do's and Dont's would be much appreciated. We haven't yet tackled this but needs to be done in 3 months!

I trust let me have it...

Monday, October 1, 2007


Owen is growing up before my eyes. He got a crown yesterday in nursery and wanted to wear it all day and insisted we take a picture of him. Yes, thats right he LOVES the camera. What a stud...