Wednesday, February 28, 2007


SO... my first experience with Sushi wasn't all that bad. I felt a bit out ofmy element. I had tried in once before a little bit and wasn't a huge fan but i decided to go into "sushi girls night" with a gutsy and adventurous attitude...THEN we got there and i chickened out and got the California roll. It was delicious (maybe because we waited for an hour and by then i was so hungary i would have eaten the fish eggs). I will have to do it again and be more daring....After sushi we caught up on our American Idol via TIVO. Good times. I love girls nights!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My new found LOVE

So my new found love these days is Tennis. It's something i have always wanted to master (or in simpler terms, get good at). I took lessons in the summertime with my sis, and now every tuesday night we have the pleasure of attending tennis lessons with a very good coach and friend from high school. There are about 8 of us girls and its the funnest night of the week. We laugh, stetch and back- hand ourselves to our limits. Its such a good time and i feel like im on the path to becomming the next william sister ( or at least becomming their ball girl, now that i know all the rules and such). Anywho, tonight our lesson was cancelled so instead we are going out for sushi!! Good times tuesdays!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend Project-

Since i don't scrapbook, i had to use my creative juices for something else this weekend. I went to DI and bought about 6 REALLY REALLY old childrens books (50 cents each) and modge podged a little art for Owens room. Someday when we own a house it is going to be filled with random things. My darling sister ( did the same thing with Dr Suess books ....I thought it was cute. Needless to say it was a fun weekend.
I also picked out my "UGLY SWEATER" at savers for my family's annual "ugly sweater contest"...and lets just say i feel a big WIN coming on. I was dying of laughter picking them out. A post will be coming soon!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Quick Health Fix

So Tyson has been trying to "get healthy" so i jumped right on that opportunity to show my skills as health enthusiast! I gave him a challenge to run 5 days a week only 10-15 minutes, which he has done on his own free will! Then....he needed to get some nutrition into his diet, so once again, i proudly stepped up and took the initiative. Introducing "SPINACH SMOOTHIES" (which actually don't take like spinach at all)....

1 cup spinach, 1 can frozed pineapple, about a cup of OJ (no pulp), 1-2 bananas depending how thick you like it, milk to smooth. For an extra health fix i add flax seeds and something blueberries (but then it turns a yucky color).

Do what you wish but you will feel much better and surprisingly full afterwards! ENJOY and BE HEALTHY!

He looks healthier already! Love you honey!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Miracle Bowl.

THere's Nothin like a night out at the good ol' bowling alley. HEres a shout out to the girls in my ward who are all so darling, fun, friendly and did i say....Cutie Pa-tu-ties? Thanks for the night girls, it was great fun! (p.S. I bowled a 123...a personal best for me.)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

CHucKy CHeeSE on a FRidAY

EVERYONE HERE is ALL smiles as we ARRIVE at our destination....ChUckY CHeeSE!!

The games are ROCKIN, Giggles are HEARD, HAppy FACES are all around...UNTIL......

We DEPART ChuCky CHeeSE....What a sad time. Maybe next weekend Boys, Maybe next weekend.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

vALenTinES HiGhliGHts

TODAY started with Waffles and Syrup...followed by an "I lOVE you" phone call from the hubbie from work. Then Owen and I made A GIANT valentines Collage For Daddy. Later we made Chocolate SUCKERS and took a nap. We SURPRISED daddy with a YUMMY dinner that consists of steak and shrimp cabobbs, veggies and apple juice. FOR DESSERT.....chocolate covered bananas and such treats. Its good TO BE IN LOVE. happy love day to all!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

EnJOy THe sUNshiNe

For the first time this winter, we have finally been able to go outside and play. We spent as much time as we could outside until our nose started running again....Bring on the spring....Good times.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Love is in the air..

So the other day i found myself bored and decided to do something about it. I went to the craft store and thought "i have NO valentines decor" in my i made some LOVE letters with cute paper and then made some really yummy (health-ier) cocoa choc. chip cookies. All the sudden my day wasn't boring anymore. Thanks to LOVE and chocolate.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Miss you Grandpa


Pocket full of posies



Come visit me soon Grandpa. I miss you
Love, Owen

Sunday, February 4, 2007

"90 things"

I started with 10 and i will finish with 90, if i can think of that many goes...

11- I have the best family in the world
12- every family member of both my side and my husbands side live within 15 miles of each other
13- I hate science fiction movies
14- I loved being pregnant
15- I am scared to death of losing my husband in a car biggest fear
16- I love road trips (without children)
17- There is nothing more rewarding i have experienced in my life than becomming a mother

18- I wish i was more creative
19- I wish i could paint the walls of my house (its a rental)
20- I love writing papers and typing on the computer
21- I have a passion for life history and started mine 3 years ago
22- My favorite number is 22
23- My birthday is august 22
24- I played basketball, volleyball and soccer in high school (basketball all 4 years)
25- I love to sweat
26- I have a fear of spiders and anything creepy crawly
27- I love taking naps
28- I hate the feeling of laziness
29- I love wathing "the office", "my boys", "the hills", "flip that house" and the cooking channel
30- If i could go 1 place it would be australia
31- The best Christmas i had was spent in Hawaii with my family
32- I hate yams, but love my grandmas Yam Soufle
33- I absolutely love fruity candy
34- I got my assosicates degree and hope to someday get my bachelors in dietetics
35- I love school but hated going to 2nd grand (my teacher was mean)
36- I met my husband through his aunt Linda
37- I waited for him on his mission and we got married 5 months later

38- I heard the phrase, "only 10% of girls wait for their missionaries" about 10,000 times ( someone has to make up the 10% right?)
39- I took piano lessons for 6 years
40- I would trade anything for flawless skin (me too chels)
41- I wish i could pull off really dark hair
42- I went through the "akward" stage for about 5 years (seriously)
43- I was scared to grow up and still am
44- My best friend is my sister
45- I secretly hope someday i will win publishers clearing house
46- I love getting mail
47- I am never ready for the day until about noon
48- I am very un-flexable and don't even think yoga would help
49- I always wanted to be a cheerleader and dancer but turned out to be a tom boy instead
50- Although i did make the girls on my basketball team all wear ribbons in their hair
51- I love looking at pictures and framing them
52- I love a house with a billion candid pictures on the walls
53- I love the smell of gasoline
54- my favorite color is green
55- I used to sleep on my trampoline all summer long with friends
56- I can still do lots of tricks on the trampoline
57- I was tricked into my very first kiss by my brother (he told me he would give me 100 dollars if i kissed my friend Ben- I was 5)
58- I used to dress up in my moms clothes and makeup all the time
59- I get embarrased if im the center of attention
60- Ive always wanted to be a hair stylist- i used to do all my neighborhood little girls hair for dances
61- I love an excuse to dress up really fancy
62- I love to mix colors when i dress that don't completely match
63- One of my favorite actresses is jennifer garner
64- I get too caught up in people magazine and celebrity gossip
65- When i grow up i want to be selfless like my dad and beautiful like my mom

66- I love swimming and being outside all day in the summer
67- But i love the colorful leaves in the fall
68- I love riding my scooter
69- I love the Ellen Show-she is hilarious
70- I don't pay too much attention to what is going on in the world- although i know i should
71- I love to make someone else smile or laugh
72- i laugh at my own jokes
73- Someone told me once i was a very loyal friend and it stuck with me
74- I worry way too much about things
75- I want to buy an old house and renevate it
76- I like to make things, like blankets, cards, crafts...
77- I love to go for rides on boats and i love to wakeboard
78- I want to be really good at tennis
79- I love propel fitness water
80- I can talk with my mouth closed
81- I bite my nails when im bored or nervous
82- I run marathons
83- My dream car is a range rover
84- I love coconut ice cream
85- I hate driving in lots of traffic- it stresses me- i get stressed easily
86- I think cowboys are really cute
87- I've never seen the movie "bambi"
88- I was born on the same day of one of best buddies Megan (30 minutes apart)
89- I had a crooked nose when i was born from laying in my moms tummy on 1 side
90- I am a hopeless romantic and love being loved, loving someone and all the gushy stuff

Friday, February 2, 2007

100 (ill start with 10 ) things...

Ive heard of the "100 things" list people have been doing but i decided i would start with 10.

10 ThInGs AbOUt mE-

1- I just discovered i LOVE geography and history.
2- I love vacations.
3- I love girls nights. (going to dinner, shopping, chick movies)
4- I love exercise and the way it makes me feel
5- I love cooking (especially out of my heart healthy cookbook)
6- I love old vinatge furniture
7- I love Summertime and BBQ's
8- I love the smell of fresh laundry
9- I love having something to look forward to
10-I love the music on my IPOD (maroon 5, imogen heap, KT tunstall, The fray)

TO be Continued....