Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lucky me...

Piper was blessed and in was i. How lucky i feel to have such a helpful hot husband, cute good boys & a healthy baby girl. I am truly blessed with the best family ever. I cant wait to have another (well...actually i can:-)).

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1 month old + a few days

Piper is 1 month old (5 wks to actually). We like her. Ok...we LOVE her.

Monday, July 11, 2011


So needless to say this month has been a bit busy...between birthing babies, trips to St George and Utah County & keeping 2 active boys busy ide say we got a nice kick in the pants to start summer off!! Grandpa Dave LOVED all the attention he got from his grandkids and took advantage of the love with 4-wheeler rides around the neighborhood in St George.
Tyson already has a little problem with having his lil girl wrapped around his finger. Look how comfy she looks just layin with dad.
Tyson was super dad while i was down with the baby and took the boys to gunlock falls in st george. It was super awesome and apparently a favorite for the boys.
We have been doing alot of this....
and moments of awake time too...currently she has big blue eyes, olive skin and dark hair.
Owen shows his nurturing side (just like his dad) and wants to "babysit" Piper all day long. cute.
For the 4th, we headed up to Utah County and spent lots of time with family playing at the park, swimming, celebrating our freedom with parades, stadium of fire and BBQ's. Pics were taken by cousin Jamie...thank goodness because my camera is out of commission currently. Mom & Dad with all 10 grandkids!
My beautiful Grandma Thatcher with baby Piper. I love the generation pics. This one almost made me cry.
And of course, chillin pool side at Aunt Denise's pool with BFF Haley singin out lady gaga tunes and sippen on snow cones. There is nothing like summer in Utah. Im already itching to go back and escape the 100+ weather in Vegas.