Monday, March 31, 2008

I realized i don't post much about what i actually do all day...or special, here is the boring version of what this past month was about-

First off...WE GOT A BACKYARD..and A FENCE. SO now we can't see our neighbors havin a smoke and i can lock Owen out on the not so good days. (just not as bad as a mother as you all may think).

Secondly, i planted my garden and now that it snowed, we shall see if anything comes up!

Then there was easter...which was a blast. We went to many an easter egg hunt and Owen got way too much sugar...that i have managed to scarf down.

Here is Owen with his cute cousin xander that he talks to daily on the phone- "hi xano, can i come to your house?" then xander starts talking pumpkins and ghost trains and they have a very confusing 2 year old conversation for 10 minutes.

Last but not least here, is my cute little Reggie-Roo. He is smiling up a storm and i dare say he is dang good baby..because we all know...time changes and they turn 2. Hes still quite the little guy and if he doesn't buck up soon, he will continually get beat up by the girls. Cousin Caitlyn is a tough out reg.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

my peep

So instead of interviewing this special peep (because im guessing she would have refused anyhow) i wanted to do more of a little spotlight on her...because she is my super special sister.

HaLEy aNn WArnEr

Devoted MOTHER, runner, gluten free meal cooker, and photographer...i feel lucky to call this girl my best friend...

I would say she is the most creative/talented one out of the siblings (sorry blake). Not only can she coreograph a dance to hewey lewis or madonna in record time, she can also talk with her mouth closed, immitate people to the tee, find the best deal on everything and anything (thanks to her hubbie Aaron), and make any person laugh.

She is stylish (check out these polka dot rain boots we found in Boston at the local marshalls), has an eye for fashion and a great taste in music (her favorite place to shop- target, tj maxx, ross. Her favorite music at the moment- Mika).

She invites me on most of her excursions (zions in the above picture)...even if its all her buddies or sister in laws...and im just a tag along little sister, i feel lucky and happy to be with her. She always enjoys adventure hiking and traveling.

As mentioned before, she can make anyone we are taking a mirror reflected portrait thanks to Haleys ideas. We couldnt hold a straight face.

She is the most talented photographer i know and is always willing to take pics for me...and be there for the birth of both my children!

If you are interested in more HERE.

Ps. she also has the cutest kids in town...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

vaseline anyone?

So i was looking through some pics and found this....Sometimes a little vaseline just isn't enough...
happy monday to you all!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i LOVE to see the temple...

I have decided i have a new pet peeve. I normally don't post my deep down thoughts and feeling on my blog but this i thought was blog/discussion worthy. So i was out on a nice evening run. I decided to take a jont up the temple hill. I was happily jammin' to "hewy lewis and the news" when upon my surprise i spotted a young couple MAKING OUT on temple grounds. Before i get too bugged...i will admit, we have all had our moments gazing into our lovers eyes and talking about eternity atop temple view drive....however, making out seems a bit too much and a little disturbing at such a sacred place. Agree? I was quite grossed out. I am talking laying down, blanket underneath and lots O lots of kissing. Needless to say, my anger motivated me to run an extra mile and i felt better. :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunny St George

Why do i live in Provo again?

We took a much needed trip to st george and made me think...why do i live in a place that snows from october thru april? I don't even like snow. I don't ski, i hate to be cold, i hate to be wet with melted snow, i hate when my pants drag on the snowy ground and then the whole rest of the day my pants are cold, wet and freezing. grrr.

anywho, we DID enjoy hiking, tennis ALL day, running on a beautiful mountain trail each morning and lots of sun.

Even Reggie-roo got to enjoy a little R&R.

Anyone want to move with me?

Monday, March 10, 2008

my peeps

Big Brother- BlAkE D. HenSOn

Married to- beautiful Kass. Daddy to- Darling little Shelby

what cha wearin right now- "work attire...boring...dress slacks, collared shirt and sperry pop-sider shoes" (i hope i spelled that right brother).
Favorite xmas gift- "My bebe gun. the same one i accidently shot a bunny with and i cried. (i was only 11)".
Dream Job- "Besides underwear modeling ;).... PGA tour"

favorite Cartoon you watch with shelby- "the mickey mouse club-house is pretty cool."
Favorite vacation- (besides the time we went to Mexico when he was 17 and decided to peirce his ears...and got an infection. Then... oops... forgot to ask the bartender for the "virgin" pina coloda.) "I really liked the virgin islands."
Pet Peeve- Gossiping
Childhood memory- "playing homerun derby in the church parking lot. The roof was a homerun."

(this is blake wishing he could run the marathon with us 4 cool cats!)
Worst Injury- "When i had a ruptured spleen after going down the waterslide at classic skating water park (white trash?) and a big woman's foot crashed right into my side."
Word to describe you-"Relentless" (haha)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Little Reg was blessed. It was a beautiful day, beautiful blessing and beautiful company.
More pics to follow....

Monday, March 3, 2008

peeps part 3


The former suntanned, softball star MiSS SPrIngVIlle meets 70's male model, football star DaVid HasSelHoff look alike.

They have 3 wonderful kiddos and now life is all about competing together in triatholons/marathons, traveling to all sorts of cool places and spending LOTS of quality time together on the golf course, babysitting grandkids and serving in their OH SO BUSY callings!

(why drive to the stadium fire when you can ride your bike..from mapleton)

Dream Jobs-
Dad: Pro Golfer- playing on the PGA tour
Mom: FBI investigator...she would love to be sneaky and catch people!
Favorite vacation-
Dad: The masters in Augusta Georgia
Mom: Israel
Last meal would be-
Dad: Steak..with a side of lasagna..with a side of hawiian pizza...with a side of milk shake
Mom: Coconut shrimp, baked potatoe, cheescake, hot fudge sundae and a pina coloda
Favorite Attribute in others-
Dad: People who are real to themselves...not fake.
Mom: Friendly, positive and uplifting.
Favorite child (wink wink)-
Mom: "the one i miscarried." (Good answer)
Love you mom and dad!