Tuesday, March 13, 2012

my life these days...

Owen teases Reg, he tries to make piper laugh and she acts way too cool. thats my girl! mealtimes around here are quite amusing!
Tys and i had a' just dance' party and i made him dress the part...he was SUPER excited about it!
Owen "balls it up" as always! You put a ball in this kids hand and he is happy as a clam. In fact the boys now ask me to take them running around the neighborhood and want to know if the foods they are eating are "superfoods". Tyson may say i am brainwashing them...i beg to differ.
Reg had an angry birds party with his friends where we threw balls at boxes and popped balloons! chaos...pure chaos. the kid loved it.
and then there's miss piper. crawlin, bookin it up stairs, and sayin "mama". Ive already got her trained on downin green smoothies and bein my runnin partner with the jogger stroller. she is the main source of entertainment round here and we cant get enough of her. Shes already developing the funniest personality. 9 months and as fun as ever.

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Brent and Britta said...

I hate missing all this!!! Why aren't we neighbors?! Maybe if we were your boys could convince Crew that it's cool to eat super foods! And could O look ANY more like Tyson?! Sheesh! Miss you guys!